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Assessment of the radiological impact of coal utilization. II. Radionuclides in western coal ash
A project has been initiated at Mound Facility specifically to evaluate the potential radiological impact of coal utilization. Phase I of the project included a survey of western US coal mines and anExpand
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Ecology of an Aquatic Isopod, Lirceus fontinalis Raf., Emphasizing Radiation Effects
The aquatic isopod, Lirceus fontinalis Rafinesque, occur- ring in granite gneiss weather pools on Mount Arabia, DeKalb Co., Ga., was investigated with respect to behavior patterns, interactionsExpand
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Applications of Compartment Modeling Techniques to Collembola Population Studies
Data from a study of radiation effects on a collembolan are used to illustrate a general method for applying compartmentmodeling techniques to animal population dynamics. The population is dividedExpand
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Assessment of the impact of radionuclides in coal ash
An assessment of the potential environmental and health impacts of radionuclides in the coal fuel cycle is being conducted at Mound. This paper describes our studies evaluating the potential forExpand
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Secular equilibrium of radium in Western coal
Concentrations of radium-226, radium-228, and thorium-228 in coal from six Western states have been measured by gamma spectroscopy. The existence of secular equilibrium was verified for radium-226Expand
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An Ecological Triangle
T HE BIOLOGICAL SPECTRUM MODEL (Odum 1971) has served well to illustrate interrelationships among the varied branches of biology and to clearly identify areas of concern among ecologists. StudentsExpand
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Radionuclides in Western coal. Final report
The increase in domestic energy production coupled with the switch from oil and natural gas to coal as a boiler-fuel source have prompted various federal agencies to assess the potentialExpand
Preliminary radiological impact assessment of western coal utilization
This research program was initiated to: (1) delineate the scope of the potential environmental and human health problem associated with radioactivity in Western coal; (2) establish a data base forExpand