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A new animal diet based on human Western diet is a robust diet-induced obesity model: comparison to high-fat and cafeteria diets in term of metabolic and gut microbiota disruption
Background/Objectives:Obesity is a metabolic disorder that predisposes patients to numerous diseases and has become a major global public-health concern. Animal models of diet-induced obesity (DIO)Expand
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The association effect of insulin and clonazepam on oxidative stress in liver of an experimental animal model of diabetes and depression
Abstract Context: It is known that oxidative stress occurs in peripheral blood in an experimental animal model of diabetes and depression, and acute treatment with insulin and clonazepam (CNZ) has aExpand
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Changes in lymphocyte HSP70 levels in women handball players throughout 1 year of training: the role of estrogen levels
Heat shock protein 70 (HSP70) is a chaperone that maintains protein conformation during heat stress. It has recently been observed that HSP70 may be released from cells in response to increasedExpand
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Guarana (Paullinia cupana Mart.) prevents β-amyloid aggregation, generation of advanced glycation-end products (AGEs), and acrolein-induced cytotoxicity on human neuronal-like cells.
Advanced glycation end-products (AGEs) are considered potent molecules capable of promoting neuronal cell death and participating in the development of neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer'sExpand
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Increased blood oxidative stress in experimental menopause rat model: the effects of vitamin A low‐dose supplementation upon antioxidant status in bilateral ovariectomized rats
Menopause has been reported to be associated with increased oxidative stress and metabolic disorders among women worldwide. Disarrangements in the redox state similar to those observed in womenExpand
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Increased cerebral oxidative damage and decreased antioxidant defenses in ovariectomized and sham-operated rats supplemented with vitamin A
Previous studies have linked oxidative stress with aging and aging-related processes, including menopause. Abnormalities in the redox state similar to those observed in menopausal women can beExpand
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The effects of vitamin A supplementation to rats during gestation and lactation upon redox parameters: increased oxidative stress and redox modulation in mothers and their offspring.
Vitamin A is an essential nutrient required in adequate amounts for reproduction and development. Subtle variations in the status of maternal nutrition may affect physiological and metabolicExpand
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Increased 3-nitrotyrosine levels in mitochondrial membranes and impaired respiratory chain activity in brain regions of adult female rats submitted to daily vitamin A supplementation for 2 months
Vitamin A supplementation among women is a common habit worldwide in an attempt to slow aging progression due to the antioxidant potential attributed to retinoids. Nonetheless, vitamin A elicits aExpand
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Curcumin Supplementation Decreases Intestinal Adiposity Accumulation, Serum Cholesterol Alterations, and Oxidative Stress in Ovariectomized Rats
The aim of this study was to investigate the potential of curcumin oral supplementation (50 and 100 mg/Kg/day, for 30 days) in circumventing menopause-associated oxidative stress and lipid profileExpand
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In Vitro Neuroprotective Effect of Shikimic Acid Against Hydrogen Peroxide-Induced Oxidative Stress
Shikimic acid (SA), originally extracted from Illicium verum Hook. fil., is an indispensable starting material for the synthesis of the antiviral drug Oseltamivir (Tamiflu®) with very limited numberExpand
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