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Sex-reversed mice: XX and XO males.
An autosomally inherited condition is described in the mouse which causes genetic females to develop as phenotypic males. XX males are phenotypically normal with the exception of small testes, which,
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An XYY sex-chromosome constitution in the mouse.
A phenotypically normal male mouse, investigated because it was sterile, was found to possess 41 chromosomes. A karyotypic analysis indicated the extra element was one of the smallest chromosomes,Expand
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Ethyl methanesulfonate-induced chromosome breakage in the mouse.
Abstract Ethyl methanesulfonate (EMS) induced high frequencies of dominant lethal mutations in mouse epididymal spermatozoa and late spermatids and lower frequencies in vas deferens spermatozoa andExpand
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Mutagenicity tests with cyclohexylamine in the mouse.
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Genetic intersexuality in goats.
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Mercury contact relays
ELECTRIC contacts between solid metal surfaces tend to give trouble in a number of ways. They wear down, get dirty, stick by locking or welding, and chatter. It long has been recognized that all ofExpand
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An intersex goat with a bilaterally asymmetrical reproductive tract.
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Balanced polar mercury contact relay
A new type of relay making use of solid contacts maintained continuously wet with mercury has been developed. It has a symmetrical polar structure, resulting in improved sensitivity and speedExpand
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