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Scientific Teaching
Instructional Science : An International Journal.Editorial policy board: G. F. Brieske,B. N. Lewis,M. MacDonald-Ross and R. Wm. Smith. Vol. 1, No. 1. Pp. 151. (Elsevier: Amsterdam, March 1972.)Expand
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A New Phenomenon in Time Judgment
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The Risk Taken in Crossing a Road
An anchor for securement to a base having a transitory fluent stage includes a sheetlike segment with an interior zone having a depressed loop. Expand
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Interdependence of Temporal and Auditory Judgments
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Preferences for Different Combinations of Chance and Skill in Gambling
GAMBLING situations range from those where the outcome is, in fact, more or less beyond the player's control to those where the outcome is more or less within his control in so far as it depends onExpand
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Experimental Evidence for Extra-Sensory-Perception
THE main experimental evidence for extra-sensory-perception produced in Great Britain is that published by S. G. Soal and K. M. Goldney1 in which they claimed that their subject displayedExpand
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Experimental Evidence for Extra-Sensory Perception (reply)
DR. SOAL agrees that there is a periodicity in the ‘guessers’ scores which are related to the line numbers on the score sheet. He calls this effect ‘salience’ and I will also use this nomenclature.Expand
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Error and bias.
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