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Development of a new form for the alpha function of the Redlich–Kwong cubic equation of state
Abstract The dependence on temperature and acentric factor of the attractive term of the Redlich–Kwong equation of state has been modified. A new alpha function is expressed in a generalized form.Expand
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Wastewater disinfection using ultraviolet (UVA, UVC) and solar radiation
AbstractNowadays, water availability and quality represent a major challenge. In 2050, the United Nations Organization predicts that 44% of the world population will face severe water scarcity.Expand
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Sulfonation of linear alkyl benzene (LAB) in a corrugated wall falling film reactor
Sulfonation of a low molecular weight linear alkyl benzene (LAB) commercial cut with SO3–air mixtures was conducted in a corrugated wall falling film reactor (CWFFR). The aim of the study was toExpand
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Fe-TUD-1 for the preferential rupture of the substituted CC bond of methylcyclopentane (MCP)
Abstract Fe-TUD-1 catalysts with Si/Fe ratios of 85, 65 and 45 were prepared via hydrothermal one-pot synthesis. The samples were characterized by XRD, N2 physisorption, UV–vis and XPSExpand
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Palladium–sulfated zirconium pillared montmorillonite: Catalytic evaluation in light naphtha hydroisomerization reaction
Abstract The present work is an evaluation of 1 wt.% Pd/sulfated zirconium pillared montmorillonite catalyst in the hydroisomerization reaction of two fractions of light naphtha composed mainly of CExpand
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Optimization of an Alkylpolyglucoside-Based Dishwashing Detergent Formulation
The aim of this work was to formulate and optimize the washing performance of an alkylpolyglucoside-based dishwashing detergent. The liquid detergent was formulated with five ingredients ofExpand
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Prédiction des tensions superficielles, facteurs acentriques et indices de corrélation des hydrocarbures purs
'Une nouvelle methode de contribution de groupes pour l'estimation des tensions superficielles, facteurs acentriques et indices de correlation des hydrocarbures purs a ete etablie. Les deviationsExpand
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Efficiency evaluation of solar photolysis and solar photocatalysis processes used for the wastewater disinfection
ABSTRACTThe wastewater reuse, especially for irrigation, requires a safer microbial quality. However, the tertiary treatment is often nonexistent, especially in developing countries where,Expand
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Catalytic behaviour of combined palladium-acid catalysts: use of Al and Zr-pillared montmorillonite as supports: Part I. Reactivity of linear, branched and cyclic hexane hydrocarbons
Abstract Stable and active hydroisomerisation catalysts have been prepared by impregnating acid pillared clay minerals with hydrogenation–dehydrogenation functions due to palladium. Contact reactionsExpand
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