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Cosmological black holes: A black hole in the Einstein-de Sitter universe
As an example of a dynamical cosmological black hole, a spacetime that describes an expanding black hole in the asymptotic background of the Einstein-de Sitter universe is constructed. The black holeExpand
Multifractal structure in nonrepresentational art.
The data suggest that the "edge" method can distinguish between artists in the same movement and is proposed to represent a toy model of visual discrimination. Expand
A class of spherically symmetric solutions with conformal killing vectors
Spherically symmetric solutions with a conformal Killing vector in the (r, t) surface allow the null geodesics to be found with relative ease. Knowledge of the null geodesics is essential toExpand
A technique for using radio jets as extended gravitational lensing probes
A new and potentially powerful method of measuring the mass of a galaxy (or dark matter concentration) which lies close in position to a background polarized radio jet is proposed. Using the factExpand