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What Are Critics For?: Objectivity and Aesthetic Value
Soulevant le probleme de l'objectivite du jugement et de l'objectivite des valeurs esthetiques dans l'«Euthyphron» de Platon, l'A. montre que la solution necessite une justification de l'experienceExpand
The Beatification of the Mundane
Faraway lands and exotic delicacies, graceful tea ceremonies, warrior swords, kingly harps, and exquisite quills play across the surface of this diminutive text—The Book of Tea.1 An odd turn to take,Expand
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and keywords. All article submissions should include an abstract of 100-150 words. MANUSCRIPT PREPARATION AND STYLE. The Review of Politics follows the Chicago Manual of Style for standards ofExpand
Looks Matter: Beholding Justice in the Republic
In Plato's Republic, Glaucon tells a story about Gyges' ring that, on the surface, suggests a radical opposition between appearances and truth. We argue that, contrary to Glaucon's intentions, whatExpand
The Liturgy of Theory
Theories of liturgy abound.1 What could it mean to talk about the liturgy of theory? Leitourgia originally meant “public service” or, more literally, public work (leitos-ergon) of a sort that wasExpand
Commentary on Gill
“Not diverse from things”: Emersonian Materialism
It is often said that the problem with our culture is that it is too materialistic. We may be surprised, then, to hear a philosopher like Heidegger emphasize the importance of “things” when he talksExpand
The untruth in relativism
L'A. mesure la possibilite d'une objectivite en ethique, a travers la question de la verite de notre experience ethique. L'A. developpe une approche sophistiquee, mais coherente, du relativismeExpand
Homily by Dustin and Mallary C.