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Silvoarable Systems in Europe – Past, Present and Future Prospects
Mixed systems of agriculture incorporating combinations of trees and crops have formed key elements of the landscape of Europe throughout historical times, and many such systems continue to function
Mixing plant species in cropping systems: concepts, tools and models. A review
The evolution of natural ecosystems is controled by a high level of biodiversity, In sharp contrast, intensive agricultural systems involve monocultures associated with high input of chemical
Development and application of bio-economic modelling to compare silvoarable, arable and forestry systems in three European countries
agroforestry could promote use of trees on farms in Europe, but its likely effect on production, farm profitability, and environmental services is poorly understood. Hence, from 2001 to 2005, the
Driving competitive and facilitative interactions in oak dehesas through management practices
Trees benefited from the crop or pasture management: trees featured a significantly improved nutritional and physiological status, a faster growth and a higher fruit productivity than trees growing in encroached or forest plots.
Fine Root Distribution in Dehesas of Central-Western Spain
A Dehesa is a structurally complex agro-silvo-pastoral system where at least two strata of vegetation, trees and herbaceous plants coexist. We studied the root distribution of trees (Quercus ilex L.)
Unusual Fine Root Distributions of Two Deciduous Tree Species in Southern France: What Consequences for Modelling of Tree Root Dynamics?
The spatial distribution of fine roots of two deciduous tree species was investigated in contrasting growing conditions in southern France. Hybrid walnut trees (Juglans regia×nigra cv. NG23) and
Combining solar photovoltaic panels and food crops for optimising land use: Towards new agrivoltaic schemes
The need for new sources of renewable energies and the rising price of fossil fuels have induced the hope that agricultural crops may be a source of renewable energy for the future. We question in
Productivity and radiation use efficiency of lettuces grown in the partial shade of photovoltaic panels
Combining photovoltaic panels (PVPs) and crops on the same land unit were recently proposed as an alternative to the conversion of cropland into photovoltaic plants. This could alleviate the
Impact of alley cropping agroforestry on stocks, forms and spatial distribution of soil organic carbon — A case study in a Mediterranean context
Abstract Agroforestry systems, i.e., agroecosystems combining trees with farming practices, are of particular interest as they combine the potential to increase biomass and soil carbon (C) storage
Root functional parameters along a land‐use gradient: evidence of a community‐level economics spectrum
This study demonstrates the existence of a general trade-off in root construction at a community level, which operates within all root types, suggesting that all plant tissues are controlled by the trade-offs between resource acquisition and conservation.