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Circling behaviour induced by dopamine releasers and/or uptake inhibitors during degeneration of the nigrostriatal pathway.
It was concluded that drugs inducing contralateral turns during degeneration of the nigrostriatal DA pathway predominantly release newly-synthetized DA independently of nerve impulse flow whilst ipsilateral turns are either triggered by inhibiting of DA uptake or by the release of the reserpine-sensitive pool of DA, both on the intact side. Expand
Dopamine independent rotational response to unilateral intranigral injection of serotonin.
It is concluded that the contralateral circling response to intranigral 5-HT injection is caused by a specific stimulation of certain post-synaptic nigral5-HT receptors susceptible to the development of denervation supersensitivity but does not require the participation of nigrostriatal DA neurons. Expand
Synthesis and central dopaminergic activities of (+/-)-hexahydro-7H-indolo[3,4-gh][1,4]benzoxazine derivatives [(+/-)-9-oxaergolines].
The compounds were examined in vitro and in vivo both for their DA stimulant effects at the striatal level (circling in 6-OHDA-lesioned animals, DA turnover, and stereotypy) and inhibitory effects on plasma PRL levels in rats, and for their emetic effects in dogs. Expand
Comparative study of central dopaminergic properties of RU 29717 (N-propyl-9-oxaergoline) and pergolide.
RU 29717, like pergolide, is a potent direct acting DAergic agonist and in experimental models used to investigate this activity at the striatal or the anterior pituitary levels the compounds present a similar profile of action. Expand
Anorectic properties of a new long acting serotonin uptake inhibitor.
Kinetics in single dosed animals showed that the duration of RU 25591 food intake depression was shorter than in vivo serotonin uptake inhibition, and in repeated dosing treatment a progressive time- related decrease in the inhibition of food consumption was observed. Expand