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Antiviral and anti-inflammatory diterpenoids from the soft coral Sinularia gyrosa.
Chemical investigation of the soft coral Sinularia gyrosa led to the purification of three new diterpenoids, designated as gyrosanols A-C (1-3). The structures of 1-3 were elucidated throughExpand
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New cytotoxic tetrahydrofuran- and dihydrofuran-type lignans from the stem of Beilschmiedia tsangii.
Five new compounds including two tetrahydrofuran-type lignans, beilschmin A and beilschmin B, a dihydrofuran-type lignan, beilschmin C, and two 1-phenylbutyl benzoates, tsangin A and tsangin B,Expand
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Capnellenes from the Formosan soft coral Capnella imbricata.
Three anti-inflammatory sesquiterpenes, Delta (9(12))-capnellene-8beta,10alpha-diol ( 1), 8alpha-acetoxy-Delta (9(12))-capnellene-10alpha-ol ( 2), and Delta (9(12))-capnellene-10alpha-ol-8-one ( 3),Expand
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Cytotoxic butanolides and secobutanolides from the stem wood of Formosan Lindera communis.
Bioassay-guided fractionation of the chloroform-soluble fraction from the stem wood of Formosan Lindera communis led to the isolation of two new cytotoxic butanolides, lincomolide C (1), lincomolideExpand
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New cytotoxic constituents from the Formosan soft corals Clavularia viridis and Clavularia violacea.
Three new cytotoxic prostanoids, claviridenone E-G (1-3), and three new cytotoxic steroids, stoloniferone E-G (4-6), were isolated from the methylene chloride solubles of the Formosan soft coralExpand
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Human Cytomegalovirus UL76 Encodes a Novel Virion-Associated Protein That Is Able To Inhibit Viral Replication
ABSTRACT The human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) UL76 gene encodes a highly conserved herpesvirus protein, pUL76, which is able to modulate gene expression in either activation or repression. In this study,Expand
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Human Cytomegalovirus UL76 Elicits Novel Aggresome Formation via Interaction with S5a of the Ubiquitin Proteasome System
ABSTRACT HCMV UL76 is a member of a conserved Herpesviridae protein family (Herpes_UL24) that is involved in viral production, latency, and reactivation. UL76 presents as globular aggresomes in theExpand
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New cytotoxic cyclobutanoid amides, a new furanoid lignan and anti-platelet aggregation constituents from Piper arborescens.
Three new cyclobutanoid amides with trans-trans-trans configurations, piperarborenine C, piperarborenine D and piperarborenine E, and a new furanoid lignan, (+)-arborone, together with twelve knownExpand
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Cytotoxic chalcones and flavonoids from the leaves of Muntingia calabura.
Two new dihydrochalcones, 2',4'-dihydroxy-3'-methoxydihydrochalcone, (-)-3'-methoxy-2',4',beta-trihydroxydihydrochalcone, a new flavanone, (2 S)-(-)-5'-hydroxy-7,3',4'-trimethoxyflavanone, and a newExpand
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Human cytomegalovirus UL76 induces chromosome aberrations
BackgroundHuman cytomegalovirus (HCMV) is known to induce chromosome aberrations in infected cells, which can lead to congenital abnormalities in infected fetuses. HCMV UL76 belongs to a conservedExpand
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