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Cytotoxic sterols from the formosan brown alga Turbinaria ornata.
Sterols 1, 2, and 4 exhibited cytotoxicity against various cancer cell lines and were converted into 29-hydroxystigmasta-5,24 (28)-dien-3beta-ol by reaction with LAH. Expand
Cytotoxic cembrenolides and steroids from the formosan soft coral Sarcophyton crassocaule.
Three new cytotoxic cembrenolide diterpenes, sarcocrassolides, crassolide, and 13-acetoxysarcocrASSolide have been isolated from the Formosan soft coral Sarcophyton crassocaule. Expand
Antiviral and anti-inflammatory diterpenoids from the soft coral Sinularia gyrosa.
The structures of 1-3 gyrosanols A-C were elucidated through extensive spectroscopic analyses and exhibited antiviral activity against HCMV with IC(50)'s of 2.6 and 3.7 microM, respectively. Expand
Cytotoxic pyridone alkaloids from the leaves of Piper aborescens.
Bioactivity-guided fractionation of a CHCl3 extract of the leaves of Piper aborescens afforded a new cytotoxic pyridone alkaloid, N-(3-methoxy-4,5-methylenedioxydihydrocinnamoyl)-deltaExpand
New cytotoxic tetrahydrofuran- and dihydrofuran-type lignans from the stem of Beilschmiedia tsangii.
Five new compounds including two tetrahydrofuran-type lignans, beilschmin A and beils chmin B, and a dihydrofurAn- type lignan, beilchmin C, and two 1-phenylbutyl benzoates have been isolated from the stem of Beilschmiedia tsangii. Expand
Human Cytomegalovirus UL76 Encodes a Novel Virion-Associated Protein That Is Able To Inhibit Viral Replication
Evidence indicated that expression of pUL76 at the immediate-early phase of the viral replication cycle leads to the inhibition of HCMV production, which may provide a novel mechanism for the resumption of latency. Expand
Xenia diterpenoids from the formosan soft coral Xenia blumi.
Eight new xenia diterpenoids were isolated from the methylene chloride solubles of the Formosan soft coral Xenia blumi and their cytotoxicity against selected cancer cells was measured in vitro. Expand
Coumarins and antiplatelet aggregation constituents from Formosan Peucedanum japonicum.
Seven compounds, eugenin, (-)-selinidin, (+)-pteryxin, imperatorin, bergapten, cnidilin and (+)-visamminol, show strong antiplatelet aggregation activity in vitro. Expand
New cytotoxic cyclobutanoid amides, a new furanoid lignan and anti-platelet aggregation constituents from Piper arborescens.
Piplartine showed the most potent anti-platelet aggregation activity induced by collagen and showed an IC50 value of 21.5 microM, while Piperarborenines A - E, piperarborenine, aristololactam BIII and goniothalactam showed significant cytotoxic activity against P-388, HT-29 and A549 cell lines in vitro. Expand
Cytotoxic chalcones and flavonoids from the leaves of Muntingia calabura.
Two new dihydrochalcones, 2',4'-dihydroxy-3'-methoxydihydrochalcone, and 2,4'- dihydrox-3-methoxychalcone exhibited cytotoxicity (IC (50) values < 4 microg/mL) against P-388 and/or HT-29 cell lines in vitro. Expand