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Impact of tillage practices on organic carbon and nitrogen storage in cool, humid soils of eastern Canada
Abstract Soil organic matter storage capacity in agroecosystems varies with soil type, climate and agricultural management practices. The effects of different tillage systems on organic C and NExpand
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Changes in soil carbon under long-term maize in monoculture and legume-based rotation
about 20 Mg C ha ‐1 . The effects of fertilization on soil C were small (~6 Mg C ha ‐1 ), and differences were observed only in the monoculture system. The NMR results suggest that the chemicalExpand
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Fertilization effects on soil organic matter turnover and corn residue C storage
Soil organic matter turnover is influenced by N ; thus long-term fertilization of corn (Zea mays L.) may significantly affect soil organic matter levels. Effects of fertilization on soil organicExpand
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Managing tile drainage, subirrigation, and nitrogen fertilization to enhance crop yields and reduce nitrate loss.
Improving field-crop use of fertilizer nitrogen is essential for protecting water quality and increasing crop yields. The objective of this study was to determine the effectiveness of controlled tileExpand
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Influence of controlled drainage-subirrigation on surface and tile drainage nitrate loss
Controlled drainage-subirrigation (CDS), conservation tillage, and corn (Zea mays L.) production practices were evaluated as methods of reducing NO 3 - loss through tile drainage. ControlledExpand
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Elucidation of the source and turnover of water soluble and microbial biomass carbon in agricultural soils
Understanding the dynamics of soil C is key to managing soil organic matter to enhance soil quality and ecosystem functioning, and reduce trace gas emissions from soils. Our objective was toExpand
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Emissions of Nitrous Oxide and Carbon Dioxide
Innovative management practices are required to increase the efficiency of N fertilizer usage and to reduce nitrous oxide (N 2 O) and carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) emissions from agricultural soils. TheExpand
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Soil test phosphorus and phosphorus fractions with long-term phosphorus addition and depletion
The fate of fertilizer P in soil during crop production has to be determined to evaluate the long-term economic value and sustainability of fertilizer practices. We assessed changes in soil test PExpand
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Energy Inputs for Conservation and Conventional Primary Tillage Implements in a Clay Loam Soil
An instrumented research tractor was used to determine the energy inputs for eight primary tillage implements applied to a Brookston clay loam soil in southwestern Ontario, Canada. The energyExpand
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Estimating dissolved reactive phosphorus concentration in surface runoff water from major Ontario soils.
Phosphorus (P) loss from agricultural land in surface runoff can contribute to eutrophication of surface water. This study was conducted to evaluate a range of environmental and agronomic soil PExpand
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