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Fungal endophyte diversity and community patterns in healthy and yellowing leaves of Citrus limon
Abstract Fungal endophytes on citrus plants have been little studied, and the effects of citrus diseases on their incidence and diversity have not been addressed. In this study, we examined theExpand
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Ganoderma carocalcareus sp. nov., with crumbly-friable context parasite to saprobe on Anthocleista nobilis and its phylogenetic relationship in G. resinaceum group
A new species Ganoderma carocalcareus (Basidiomycota, Ganodermataceae) was collected on living trunk and dead stumps of Anthocleista nobilis (Gentianaceae) in waterlogged swamps in the MbalmayoExpand
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Phylogenetic relationship of Marasmius mbalmayoensis sp. nov. to the tropical African Marasmius bekolacongoli complex based on nuc-LSU rDNA sequences
Marasmius mbalmayoensis (Basidiomycotina, Marasmiaceae) growing on decayed leaves of Canarium schweinfurthii in the Mbalmayo Forest Reserve, Cameroon, is described. The species is remarkable due toExpand
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A new species of Lignosus (Polyporaceae) from Cameroon
Lignosus ekombitii is described as new based on a collection from Cameroon. It differs from L. sacer in having smaller and thinner pileus with longer and more slender stipe, oblong-ellipsoid toExpand
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Depsidones and other constituents from Phomopsis sp. CAFT69 and its host plant Endodesmia calophylloides with potent inhibitory effect on motility of zoospores of grapevine pathogen Plasmopara
Abstract In our search for secondary metabolites regulating the motility behavior of zoospores of the grapevine downy mildew pathogen Plasmopara viticola , we found that extracts from an endophyticExpand
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Antiplasmodial and cytotoxic dibenzofurans from Preussia sp. harboured in Enantia chlorantha Oliv.
Two unusual dibenzofurans, preussiafurans A-B (1-2), together with six known compounds have been isolated from the fungus Preussia sp. occurring in Enantia chlorantha Oliv. The structures wereExpand
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Poroid Hymenochaetaceae from Guineo–Congolian rainforest: Phellinus gabonensis sp. nov. from Gabon – taxonomy and phylogenetic relationships
Phellinus gabonensis sp. nov. is described and illustrated on the basis of several collections made in three protected areas of primary rain forest in the western edge of the Guineo–Congolian centerExpand
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