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Topology Types of Adinkras and the Corresponding Representations of N -Extended Supersymmetry
A relationship between Adinkra diagrams and quotients of N-dimensional cubes is demonstrated, and how these quotient groups correspond precisely to doubly even binary linear error-correcting codes provides a means for describing equivalence classes of Adinkras and therefore supermultiplets.
Algebraic and Geometric Isomonodromic Deformations
Using the Gauss-Manin connection (Picard-Fuchs differential equation) and a result of Malgrange, a special class of algebraic solutions to isomonodromic deformation equations, the geometric
Systems in Crisis: New Imperatives of High Politics at Century's End
Preface Acknowledgements Introduction: new perspectives on the causes and management of systems crisis Part I. Dynamics of State Power and Role: Systems Structure: 1. What is power cycle theory?
Toric Degenerations and Laurent Polynomials Related to Givental's Landau–Ginzburg Models
Abstract For an appropriate class of Fano complete intersections in toric varieties, we prove that there is a concrete relationship between degenerations to specific toric subvarieties and
Modular Invariants for Lattice Polarized K3 Surfaces
We study the class of complex algebraic K3 surfaces admitting an embedding of HE8 � E8 inside the Neron-Severi lattice. These special K3 surfaces are classified by a pair of modular invariants, in
Automorphic forms for triangle groups
For triangle groups, the (quasi-)automorphic forms are known just as explicitly as for the modular group SL$(2,\bbZ)$. We collect these expressions here, and then interpret them using the Halphen
Adinkras for Clifford Algebras, and Worldline Supermultiplets
This work relates Adinkras to Cliord, and shows that the chromotopology (topology with colors) of an Adinkra must come from a doubly even binary linear code.
War and the Cycle of Relative Power
Relative nation-state capability follows a generalized nonlinear pattern over long periods. Empirical evidence indicates that between 1816–1975 nine major powers have traversed at least a segment
Relating Doubly-Even Error-Correcting Codes, Graphs, and Irreducible Representations of N-Extended Supersymmetry
Previous work has shown that the classification of indecomposable off-shell representations of N-supersymmetry, depicted as Adinkras, may be factored into specifying the topologies available to