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Researches on the intestinal protozoa of monkeys and man: X. The life-history of Dientamoeba fragilis : observations, experiments, and speculations
1. The morphology and life-history of Dientamoeba fragilis , as observable in cultures, are described and illustrated, and the stages correlated with those commonly found in human faeces. 2. TheExpand
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The Discovery of the Intestinal Protozoa of Man. 1
  • C. Dobell
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  • Proceedings of the Royal Society of Medicine
  • 1 November 1920
of this letter in Hooke's "Philosophical Collections." The result was disappointing. The English translator burked the problem by lamely rendering the words in question " like (an animal called inExpand
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The Biology of the Protozoa
THE first edition of this book appeared in 1926, and was favourably reviewed in these pages at the time (NATURE, 118, 763, Nov. 27, 1926) by another hand: and since this new version is described asExpand
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The Life-history and Chromosome Cycle of Aggregata eberthi [Protozoa: Sporozoa: Coccidia]
The life-history of Aggregata, eberthi is summarized in the accompanying diagram (Text-fig. 3). The stages shown above the dotted line occur in Sepia officinalis , those below in Portunus .Expand
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Protozoa in Biological Research
SINCE the title of this heavy volume is somewhat vague—and its cost prohibitive, in present circumstances, to most British biologists—a brief description of its scope and contents will be moreExpand
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Researches on the intestinal protozoa of monkeys and man. XII. Bacterial factors influencing the life history of Entamoeba histolytica in cultures.
(A) Enteromonas hominis Fonseca, 1915 ( emend. Dobell, 1921) is the correct designation of the flagellate first adequately described as Tricercomonas intestinalis by Wenyon and O'Connor in 1917.Expand
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