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IgA subclasses in various secretions and in serum.
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Changes in size, subclass, and metabolic properties of serum immunoglobulin A in liver diseases and in other diseases with high serum immunoglobulin A.
We have studied the relative contributions of monomeric (m-) and polymeric IgA (p-IgA) and of IgA1 and IgA2 to total serum IgA in healthy adults and patients with liver disease (LD) or with otherExpand
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Selective transport of polymeric immunoglobulin A in bile. Quantitative relationships of monomeric and polymeric immunoglobulin A, immunoglobulin M, and other proteins in serum, bile, and saliva.
In 17 adults, serum, hepatic bile, and saliva samples were analyzed for their sedimentation profile of IgA and secretory component (SC), and for their concentrations of albumin, orosomucoid,Expand
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Liver damage caused by therapeutic vitamin A administration: estimate of dose-related toxicity in 41 cases.
Clinical presentation, changes in liver function test results, and liver morphology were examined in 41 consecutive patients with vitamin A hepatoxicity. The cause of liver disease was suspected atExpand
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Origin and composition of hepatic lymph proteins in the dog.
Pappenheimer (11) has shown that the walls of capillary vessels behaved as semipermeable membranes. Applying this concept to the transcapillary transfer of macromolecules, Grotte ( 4) and Mayer sonExpand
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Noninvasive measurement of liver regeneration with positron emission tomography and [2-11C]thymidine.
The feasibility of liver regeneration determination with [2-11C]thymidine and positron emission tomography was investigated in partially hepatectomized rats. Serial tomographic scans were performedExpand
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Localization and serum concentration of secretory component during massive necrosis of human liver.
The serum concentration of secretory component was monitored in 9 patients with massive liver necrosis. During acute cytolysis, no increase in serum secretory component levels was observed. Later on,Expand
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Nature and Origin of the Proteins of Bile
  • C. Dive, J. Heremans
  • Biology, Medicine
  • European journal of clinical investigation
  • 1 February 1974
Abstract. The specific radioactivities in serum and bile were compared in patients recovering from biliary surgery after intravenous injection of 131I‐labelled albumin, oroso‐mucoid, transferrin andExpand
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Serum IgM-bound secretory component (sIgM) in liver diseases: comparative molecular state of the secretory component in serum and bile.
The sera of 15 patients with liver disease and high serum concentrations of secretory component (SC) were analyzed by density gradient ultracentrifugation and radioimmunoassays for SC, IgA, and IgMExpand
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The Liver in the IgA Secretory Immune System. Dogs, But Not Rats and Rabbits, Are Suitable Models for Human Studies
The liver transport of polymeric IgA (plgA) from plasma into bile and the immunohistochemical distribution of secretory component (SC) in the liver were studied in dogs, and compared to those inExpand
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