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On Parameter Free Induction Schemas
We present a comprehensive study of the axiom schemas IZ;, BZ; (induction and collection schemas for parameter free Z,, formulas) and some closely related schemas. Introduction. This paper is dividedExpand
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A Note on the Undefinability of Cuts
The results in this paper were motivated by the following result due to R. Solovay. Theorem 1 (Solovay). Let M be a nonstandard model of Peano's first order axioms P and let I ⊂ e M (i.e. ϕ ≠ ⊂ M andExpand
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A Note on a Theorem of H. FRIEDMAN
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Truth denitions for ?0 formulae
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On two problems concerning end extensions
We study problems of Clote and Paris, concerning the existence of end extensions of models of Σn-collection. We continue the study of the notion of ‘Γ-fullness’, begun by Wilkie and Paris (Logic,Expand
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Logic Colloquium 2005 (Lecture Notes in Logic)
The Annual European Meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic, generally known as the Logic Colloquium, is the most prestigious annual meeting in the field. Many of the papers presented there areExpand
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Logic Colloquium 2005
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Overspill and fragments of arithmetic
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The Pigeonhole Principle and Fragments of Arithmetic
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The prime number theorem and fragments ofP A
SummaryWe show that versions of the prime number theorem as well as equivalent statements hold in an arbitrary model ofIΔ0+exp.
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