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Predicting Effects of Predation on Conservation of Endangered Prey
In parts of the world such as the Pacific Islands, Australia, and New Zealand, introduced vertebrate predators have caused the demise of indigenous mammal and bird species. A number of releases forExpand
Extreme climatic events shape arid and semiarid ecosystems
6 Climatic changes associated with the El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO) can have a dramatic impact on ter- restrial ecosystems worldwide, but especially on arid and semiarid systems, whereExpand
A fresh framework for the ecology of arid Australia
Abstract A revised set of propositions about ecology in arid Australia is presented, based on research literature since publication of Stafford Smith and Morton (1990) . Fourteen propositions distilExpand
The responses of small mammals and lizards to post-fire succession and rainfall in arid Australia
Abstract We report a landscape-scale study investigating the responses of small mammals and lizards to fire in a central Australian hummock grassland. Vertebrates were surveyed on 26 study grids agedExpand
Evaluating the role of the dingo as a trophic regulator in Australian ecosystems
The importance of strongly interactive predators has been demonstrated in many ecosystems, and the maintenance or restoration of species interactions is a major priority in the global conservation ofExpand
Keystone effects of an alien top-predator stem extinctions of native mammals
Alien predators can have catastrophic effects on ecosystems and are thought to be much more harmful to biodiversity than their native counterparts. However, trophic cascade theory and theExpand
Impact of exotic generalist predators on the native fauna of Australia
This paper reviews the impacts of three species of introduced mammalian predators on native fauna in Australia. The feral cat Felis catus, introduced over 200 years ago, is linked with earlyExpand
Use of habitat by the black rat (Rattus rattus) at North Head, New South Wales: an observational and experimental study
This study investigated the habitats used by an introduced species of rodent, the black rat Rattus rattus (Linnaeus), at North Head in New South Wales, Australia. At a coarse scale, combinedExpand
Invasive predators and global biodiversity loss
Significance Invasive mammalian predators are arguably the most damaging group of alien animal species for global biodiversity. Thirty species of invasive predator are implicated in the extinction orExpand