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Bat flies: Obligate ectoparasites of bats
Bat flies are highly specialized for a nearly permanent ectoparasitic relationship with their hosts, the Chiroptera. Although known life-histories are rather similar across all taxa, bat fliesExpand
Roosting habits of bats affect their parasitism by bat flies (Diptera: Streblidae)
The Smithsonian Venezuela Project (SVP) conducted extensive surveys of mammals and ectoparasites in the 1960s. The 25 238 individuals and 130 species of bat collected by SVP hosted 36 663 streblidExpand
Against all odds: explaining high host specificity in dispersal-prone parasites.
Host specificity gauges the degree to which a parasite occurs in association with a single host species. The measure is indicative of properties of the host and parasite, as well as their ecologicalExpand
High host specificity of obligate ectoparasites
Abstract 1. Host specificity is the degree to which a parasite species occurs in association with a host species.
An extensive survey of the ectoparasites infesting bats in Paraguay provides information regarding the taxonomy and host distribution of streblid bat flies at a geographic interface betweenExpand
Ectoparasite Associations of Bats from Central Pennsylvania
Abstract Between April and October 1997, 689 bats representing seven species were captured at Pennsylvania’s Canoe Creek State Park. Each bat was sampled for ectoparasitic arthropods, and fourExpand
Patterns of species co-occurrence and density compensation: a test for interspecific competition in bat ectoparasite infracommunities
Parasites constitute an ideal system with which to investigate patterns and mechanisms of community structure and dynamics. Nevertheless, despite their prevalence in natural systems, parasites haveExpand
An excess of males: skewed sex ratios in bat flies (Diptera: Streblidae)
Ectoparasitic insects often exhibit female-biased sex ratios, a pattern usually explained by greater female longevity and the likelihood that smaller, more active males will disperse or be groomedExpand
Parasitism by bat flies (Diptera: Streblidae) on neotropical bats: effects of host body size, distribution, and abundance
We examined the correlations between prevalence (proportion of infested individuals), mean intensity (number of parasites per infested individual), and the number of bat fly species parasitizing batsExpand
Effects of Anthropogenic Disturbance and Climate on Patterns of Bat Fly Parasitism
Environmental conditions, including anthropogenic disturbance, can significantly alter host and parasite communities. Yet, our current knowledge is based mainly on endoparasites, while ectoparasitesExpand