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Demographic Responses of Estuarine Polychaetes to Pollutants: Life Table Response Experiments
Capitella sp. I and Streblospio benedicti are infaunal, deposit-feeding polychaetes that occur in estuaries and littoral wetlands throughout much of the United States. Life table response experimentsExpand
Vertical migration behavior and horizontal distribution of brachyuran larvae in a low-inflow estuary: implications for bay-ocean exchange
Rhythmic vertical migration has been well documented as a behavioral mechanism of brachyuran larvae that are actively exported from or retained within estuaries with net tidal residual flows, such asExpand
Pteropods, eddies, carbon flux, and climate variability in the Alaska Gyre
Abstract Pteropod abundances in net tows and sediment traps are used to evaluate the link between episodic pteropod carbon flux in the North Pacific Ocean and Haida eddies and climate variability.Expand
Identifying patterns of dispersal, connectivity and selection in the sea scallop, Placopecten magellanicus, using RADseq‐derived SNPs
Understanding patterns of dispersal and connectivity among marine populations can directly inform fisheries conservation and management. Advances in high‐throughput sequencing offer new opportunitiesExpand
Ballast water transport of non-indigenous zooplankton to Canadian ports
Ballast water is one of the primary transport vectors for the transfer and introduction of non-indigenous zooplankton (NIZ). Regulations require vessels from overseas to conduct mid-ocean exchangeExpand
Vertical distribution of barnacle larvae at a fixed nearshore station in southern California: Stage-specific and diel patterns
Abstract Patterns of vertical distribution in marine invertebrate larvae interact with coastal hydrodynamics to determine cross-shore distributions, dispersal ranges, and scales of connectivity amongExpand
Modelling dispersal of sea scallop (Placopecten magellanicus) larvae on Georges Bank: The influence of depth-distribution, planktonic duration and spawning seasonality
The giant sea scallop (Placopecten magellanicus) metapopulation on Georges Bank (GB) in the northwest Atlantic constitutes an economically important fishery, which is sustained by retention ofExpand
genepopedit: a simple and flexible tool for manipulating multilocus molecular data in R
Advances in genetic sequencing technologies and techniques have made large, genome‐wide data sets comprised of hundreds or even thousands of individuals and loci the norm rather than the exceptionExpand
Temporal, spatial, and interspecific variation in geochemical signatures within fish otoliths, bivalve larval shells, and crustacean larvae
Author(s): Carson, H S; Lopez-Duarte, P C; Cook, G S; Fodrie, F J; Becker, B J; DiBacco, C; Levin, L A