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Cancer chemopreventive and antioxidant activities of pterostilbene, a naturally occurring analogue of resveratrol.
Pterostilbene was shown to be as effective as resveratrol in inhibiting electrolyte leakage caused by herbicide-induced oxidative damage, and both compounds had the same activity as alpha-tocopherol. Expand
Antioxidant and Prooxidant Activities in Aqueous Extracts of Argentine Plants
The antioxidant and prooxidant activities of lyophilized aqueous extracts of 19 Argentine plants were studied using the hydroperoxide-initiated chemiluminescence assay in liver homogenates and the thiobarbituric acid assay (TBARS). Expand
Evaluation of the in vitro antioxidant activity in extracts of Uncaria tomentosa (Willd.) DC.
Different extracts of U. tomentosa were tested in vitro for their antioxidant activity utilizing tert ‐butyl‐hydroperoxide‐initiated chemiluminescence in rat liver homogenates, preventing TBARS production and free radical‐mediated DNA‐sugar damage. Expand
Total Reactive Antioxidant Potential (TRAP) and Total Antioxidant Reactivity (TAR) of Medicinal Plants Used in Southwest Amazonia (Bolivia and Peru)
The charge (relative concentration) of antioxidants in different extracts of medicinal plants used in southwest Amazonia regions of Beni (Bolivia) and Madre de Dios (Peru) was determined employing aExpand
4-Nerolidylcatechol from Pothomorphe spp. scavenges peroxyl radicals and inhibits Fe(II)-dependent DNA damage.
The total reactive antioxidant potential (TRAP) and total antioxidant reactivity (TAR) of 4-nerolidylcatechol (4-NC) and methanolic extracts of Pothomorphe umbellata and P. peltata were determined byExpand
Antioxidant and free radical scavenging activities in extracts from medicinal trees used in the 'Caatinga' region in northeastern Brazil.
The results obtained suggest that the antioxidant activity described could play an important role in the anti-inflammatory activity claimed for the plants under study. Expand
Neotropics and natural ingredients for pharmaceuticals: why isn't South American biodiversity on the crest of the wave?
The present review addresses the importance of single active ingredients and herbal drugs from South American flora as natural ingredients for pharmaceuticals; it highlights the most relevant cases in terms of species of interest; and discusses the key entry barriers for these products in industrialized countries. Expand
Antioxidant and free radical scavenging effects in extracts of the medicinal herb Achyrocline satureioides (Lam.) DC. ("marcela").
The results obtained suggest that the extracts of A. satureioides possess significant free radical scavenging and antioxidant activity in vitro, a fact that should encourage future in vivo studies. Expand
Ritual and medicinal plants of the Ese'ejas of the Amazonian rainforest (Madre de Dios, Perú).
A description of shamanic practices is given to elucidate the position of health practices in Ese'eja culture, which includes the use of medicinal and ritual plants and the invocation to the ayahuasca spirit. Expand
Effects of Sangre de Drago from Croton lechleri Muell.-Arg. on the production of active oxygen radicals.
The total reactive antioxidant potential (TRAP) of 'Sangre de Drago' from Croton lechleri (Euphorbiaceae) was determined by monitoring the intensity of luminol enhanced chemiluminescence enhanced byExpand