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Surface Climate Variations over the North Atlantic Ocean during Winter: 1900–1989
Abstract The low-frequency variability of the surface climate over the North Atlantic during winter is described, using 90 years of weather observations from the Comprehensive Ocean–Atmosphere Data
Arctic Sea Ice Variability in the Context of Recent Atmospheric Circulation Trends
Abstract Forty years (1958–97) of reanalysis products and corresponding sea ice concentration data are used to document Arctic sea ice variability and its association with surface air temperature
Sea surface temperature variability: patterns and mechanisms.
Patterns of sea surface temperature variability on interannual and longer timescales result from a combination of atmospheric and oceanic processes, notably the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation.
The Community Earth System Model (CESM) large ensemble project: a community resource for studying climate change in the presence of internal climate variability
AbstractWhile internal climate variability is known to affect climate projections, its influence is often underappreciated and confused with model error. Why? In general, modeling centers contribute
Global warming pattern formation: sea surface temperature and rainfall.
Abstract Spatial variations in sea surface temperature (SST) and rainfall changes over the tropics are investigated based on ensemble simulations for the first half of the twenty-first century under
On the Teleconnectivity of the "Arctic Oscillation"
The term “Arctic Oscillation” (AO) has recently been introduced to describe the leading structure of SLP variability over the Northern Hemisphere. A key feature of the AO is its zonally symmetric
Uncertainty in climate change projections: the role of internal variability
Uncertainty in future climate change presents a key challenge for adaptation planning. In this study, uncertainty arising from internal climate variability is investigated using a new 40-member
Pacific Interdecadal Climate Variability: Linkages between the Tropics and the North Pacific during Boreal Winter since 1900
This study examines the tropical linkages to interdecadal climate fluctuations over the North Pacific during boreal winter through a comprehensive and physically based analysis of a wide variety of
Communication of the role of natural variability in future North American climate
As climate models improve, decision-makers' expectations for accurate climate predictions are growing. Natural climate variability, however, limits climate predictability and hampers the ability to