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Synthetic and genetically encoded fluorescent neural activity indicators
  • C. Deo, L. Lavis
  • Computer Science, Medicine
  • Current Opinion in Neurobiology
  • 1 June 2018
A chemist's perspective on the recent progress of fluorescent activity indicators that enable the measurement of cellular events in the living brain. Expand
Photoswitchable Arene Ruthenium Complexes Containing o-Sulfonamide Azobenzene Ligands
A series of arene ruthenium complexes containing o-sulfonamide azobenzene ligands were synthesized and found to exhibit uncommon coordination pattern with an exocyclic N═N bond. Upon irradiation,Expand
Conformational Dynamics in Ion Mobility Data.
The shape of the spectral features in arrival time distributions (ATDs) recorded by ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) can often be interpreted in terms of the coexistence of different isomeric species.Expand
Isomeric tuning yields bright and targetable red Ca2+ indicators.
Targeting small-molecule fluorescent indicators using genetically encoded protein tags yields new hybrid sensors for biological imaging. Optimization of such systems requires redesign of theExpand
Bright and tunable far-red chemigenetic indicators
Functional imaging using fluorescent indicators has revolutionized biology but additional sensor scaffolds are needed to access properties such as bright, far-red emission. We introduce a newExpand
Triphenylphosphine Photorelease and Induction of Catalytic Activity from Ruthenium-Arene Complexes Bearing a Photoswitchable o-Tosylamide Azobenzene Ligand
The reactivity of cationic arene ruthenium complexes bearing a photoswitchable o-tosylamide azobenzene ligand toward various phosphorus nucleophiles was investigated. The resultingExpand
A Visible-Light-Triggered Conformational Diastereomer Photoswitch in a Bridged Azobenzene.
Ketal-substituted bridged azobenzenes have been synthesized; these display a symmetrical boat conformation with the ketal in pseudo-equatorial positions. These bridged Z-azobenzenes (Z1 ) readilyExpand
Photoswitchable arene ruthenium and pentamethylcyclopentadienyl rhodium complexes containing o-sulfonamide azobenzene ligands: Synthesis, characterization and cytotoxicity
Abstract A new series of arene chlorido ruthenium and pentamethylcyclopentadienyl chlorido rhodium complexes containing o -sulfonamide azobenzene ligands with an exocyclic N N bond coordinationExpand
Synthesis of (2R)‐ and (2S)‐aminooxy analogues of β‐O‐glucosylserine and N‐oxyamide linked glycoconjugates
Glycosyl amino acids are constituents of glycopeptides and glycoproteins playing important roles in various cellular activities and pathogenic processes. We have stereoselectively synthesized bothExpand
Accurate measurement of fast endocytic recycling kinetics in real time
ABSTRACT The fast turnover of membrane components through endocytosis and recycling allows precise control of the composition of the plasma membrane. Endocytic recycling can be rapid, with someExpand