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Neither Black nor white : slavery and race relations in Brazil and the United States
Carl Degler s 1971 Pulitzer-Prize-winning study of comparative slavery in Brazil and the United States is reissued in the Wisconsin paperback edition, making it accessible for all students ofExpand
In Search of Human Nature: The Decline and Revival of Darwinism in American Social Thought
In his historical perspective on the changes in scientific thought over the last 100 years, Carl N. Degler explores the study of social evolution and the ongoing search for human nature. In Search ofExpand
Out of Our Past: The Forces That Shaped Modern America
The original edition of this now classic work was hailed by Jacob Cohen in The Nation as "the finest one-volume interpretation of American history extant." For this Third Edition of Out of Our Past,Expand
Slavery and the Genesis of American Race Prejudice
Over a century ago, Tocqueville named slavery as the source of the American prejudice against the Negro. Contrary to the situation in antiquity, he remarked: “Among the moderns the abstract andExpand
What ought to be and what was: Women's sexuality in the nineteenth century.
  • C. Degler
  • History, Medicine
  • The American historical review
  • 1 December 1974
As EVERY SCHOOLGIRL KNOWS, the nineteenth century was afraid of sex, particularly when it manifested itself in women. Captain Marryat, in his travels in the United States, told of some American womenExpand
In Search of Human Nature
American Political Parties and the Rise of the City: An Interpretation
THE ending of Reconstruction in 1877 deprived both Republican and Democratic parties of the issues that had sustained their rivalry for half a century. As a result, in the presidential elections fromExpand