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"Paths of Speech: Symbols, Sociality and Subjectivity among the Muinane of the Colombian Amazon"
The Muinane, an indigenous group of the Colombian Amazon, narratively present individual subjectivity as stemming from cultivated substances that constitute the bodies of human beings, or else fromExpand
The making of real people : an interpretation of a morality-centred theory of sociality, livelihood and selfhood among the Muinane (Colombian Amazon)
In this monograph I interpret a wide-ranging native theory of sociality of the Muinane, an indigenous group of the Colombian Amazon. This theory simultaneously addresses their livelihood activities,Expand
Female contributions to education
In this paper, some aspects of the feminist theory are underlined, the so-called genre perspective is developed, and the significance of its incorporation as a necessity of public politics isExpand
El imaginario social en jóvenes universitarios sobre la homosexualidad The social imaginary in young's university students on homosexuality
Assumed homosexual means to acquire the characteristics of this identity. Discrimination on this group is generated by the presence only of certain traits. The social imaginary instituted is mimeticExpand
Instrumental Speeches, Morality, and Masculine Agency among Muinane People (Colombian Amazon)
Cover Page Footnote: Acknowledgments. A generous Richard Carley Hunt Fellowship from The Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research allowed me to take the time to write this article. It wasExpand
Agriculture and society in Central Mexico : the Valley of Tulancingo in the late colonial period (1700-1825)
This study provides a first approach to the economic and social history of the Valley of Tulancingo in the late colonial period. In examining the development of this agricultural area of centralExpand
REPRESENTACIONES SOCIALES DE MUJERES DOCENTES DE SECUNDARIA CON RESPECTO A RASGOS FEMENINOS EN ALUMNOS VARONES Social representations of high school female teachers concerning feminine traits in male
The gender identity has as a referent the schooling activities for its development. Interviews with four high school female teachers were carried out concerning their attitudes about the feminineExpand