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An application of real-coded genetic algorithm (for mixed integer non-linear programming in an optimal two-warehouse inventory policy for deteriorating items with a linear trend in demand and a fixed
The purpose of this research is to discuss an application of real-coded Genetic Algorithm (RCGA) for mixed integer non-linear programming in a two-warehouses inventory control problem. Expand
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Capacitated Transportation Problem under 2-Vehicle
In this paper we represent a two-vehicle cost varying transportation model to solve capacitated transportation problem. In this model the transportation cost varies due to capacity of vehicles asExpand
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Fuzzy Based GA for Entropy Bimatrix Goal Game
  • C. Das, S. Roy
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Int. J. Uncertain. Fuzziness Knowl. Based Syst.
  • 1 December 2010
We propose a new mathematical model to analyze bimatrix goal game under entropy environment. Expand
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Fuzzy based GA to multi-objective entropy bimatrix game
Here, we propose a mathematical model to analyze the multi-objective bimatrix game under entropy environment. In this new approach, the entropy function of each player is considered as an objectiveExpand
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Multi-choice linear programming for matrix game
This paper proposed a technique to formulate mixed-integer programming model for matrix game problem where a payoff matrix is multi-choice in nature. Expand
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Genetic Algorithm Approach to Entropy Matrix Goal Game via Fuzzy Programming
In this paper the entropy function of the matrix game has been considered as an objective function to the matrix game and formulate a new game model namely Entropy Matrix Game Model. For each playerExpand
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A Multi-Choice Programming Approach to Zero-Sum Games with Multiple Goals
This paper investigate a class of two person zero-sum multiple pay o games in which each component is deterministic. We consider a class of games in which multiple goals or objectives are present.Expand
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Multicriteria Entropy Bimatrix Goal Game : A Fuzzy Programming Approach
This paper analyzes the multicriteria bimatrix goal game under the light of entropy environment. In this approach, the entropy functions of the players are considered as objectives to the bimatrixExpand
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Matrix Game Under Uncertainty Theory via Entropy
The uncertainty is the new approach on the entities to obtain appropriate properties, when lack of information and knowledge about the entities. The uncertainty plays a major role in game theory andExpand
Annals of Multi-objective Cost Varying Transportation Problem using Fuzzy Programming
Abstract. In this paper we represent a multi-objective transp ortation problem whose transportation cost is varying due to capacity of 2 -vehicles as well as transport quantities. The 2 -vehicleExpand
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