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Note on hydrodynamics
A study is made of the actual trajectories of fluid particles in certain motions of classical hydrodynamics. When a solid body moves through an incompressible fluid, it induces a drift in the fluid,Expand
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The gravity field of a particle
  • C. Darwin
  • Physics
  • Proceedings of the Royal Society of London…
  • 1959
Einstein’s equations for the orbits round an attracting point mass, here called the sun, are examined so as to see whether there are orbits which end in the sun, as there are in the correspondingExpand
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The Perception of Speech
Method and apparatus for detecting the presence of a surreptitiously placed radio transmitter or bug. Expand
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XLII.—On the Connexion of certain Volcanic Phenomena in South America; and on the Formation of Mountain Chains and Volcanos, as the Effect of the same Power by which Continents are elevated.
  • C. Darwin
  • Geology
  • Transactions of the Geological Society
Plate XLIX. Introduction. The object of the present memoir is to describe the principal phenomena generally accompanying the earthquakes on the west coast of South America; and more especially thoseExpand
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The Lepadidæ; or, pedunculated cirripedes
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