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Rigorous construction and Hadamard property of the Unruh state in Schwarzschild spacetime
The discovery of the radiation properties of black holes prompted the search for a natural candidate quantum ground state for a massless scalar field theory on Schwarzschild spacetime, here
The Extended algebra of observables for Dirac fields and the trace anomaly of their stress-energy tensor
We discuss from scratch the classical structure of Dirac spinors on an arbitrary globally hyperbolic, Lorentzian spacetime, their formulation as a locally covariant quantum field theory, and the
Distinguished quantum states in a class of cosmological spacetimes and their Hadamard property
In a recent paper, we proved that a large class of spacetimes, not necessarily homogeneous or isotropous and relevant at a cosmological level, possesses a preferred codimension 1 submanifold, i.e.,
Advances in Algebraic Quantum Field Theory
Structural aspects of quantum field theory.- Introduction to Algebraic Quantum Field Theory.- Algebraic Quantum Field Theory on curved backgrounds.- QED and infrared sectors.- Applicative aspects of
Quantization of Maxwell’s Equations on Curved Backgrounds and General Local Covariance
We develop a quantization scheme for Maxwell’s equations without source on an arbitrary oriented four-dimensional globally hyperbolic spacetime. The field strength tensor is the key dynamical object
Cosmological Horizons and Reconstruction of Quantum Field Theories
As a starting point, we state some relevant geometrical properties enjoyed by the cosmological horizon of a certain class of Friedmann-Robertson-Walker backgrounds. Those properties are generalised
Pseudospheres in geometry and physics: from Beltrami to De Sitter and beyond ∗
We review the extraordinary fertility and proliferation in mathematics and physics of the concept of a surface with constant and negative Gaussian curvature. In his outstanding 1868 paper Beltrami
Hadamard states for a scalar field in anti-de Sitter spacetime with arbitrary boundary conditions
We consider a real, massive scalar field on ${\rm PAdS}_{d+1}$, the Poincar\'e domain of the $(d+1)$-dimensional anti-de Sitter (AdS) spacetime. We first determine all admissible boundary conditions
Ground states of a Klein-Gordon field with Robin boundary conditions in global anti–de Sitter spacetime
We consider a real, massive scalar field both on the $n$-dimensional anti--de Sitter (AdS$_n$) spacetime and on its universal cover CAdS$_n$. In the second scenario, we extend the recent analysis on
Quantum Field Theory on Curved Backgrounds -- A Primer
Goal of this paper is to introduce the algebraic approach to quantum field theory on curved backgrounds. Based on a set of axioms, first written down by Haag and Kastler, this method consists of a