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Development of an aptasensor for electrochemical detection of tetracycline
Developing the rapid, simple and sensitive biosensor system for tetracycline detection is very important in food safety. In this paper, we developed a label-free aptasensor for electrochemicalExpand
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Influence of crop rotation on soil nutrients,microbial activities and bacterial community structures
A 16-year field experiment has been carried out to investigate the influence of crop rotations on soil nutrients,microbial activities and bacterial community structures. The study includes 454Expand
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Heterogeneous reactions of sulfur dioxide on dust
The source of urban atmospheric particles is broad, and the major source is the building dust from urban construction. Calcium is the tagged element and Portland cement is the major component ofExpand
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Sphingosine 1-phosphate protects primary human keratinocytes from apoptosis via nitric oxide formation through the receptor subtype S1P
OBJECTIVE To observe the total polyphenols extract of Prunus salicina on the SOD, GSH-Px activity and content of MDA in sub-acute aging mice modle induced by D-galactose. METHODS Sixty male, KunmingExpand
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Distribution of 19 organochlorinated pesticides residues in ginseng and soils in Jilin Province, China
The organochlorinated pesticides widely applied and still remains in soils, has become toxic to ginseng production in Jilin Province. In this study, 19 trace organochlorinated pesticide residues inExpand
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Capsid integrity quantitative PCR to determine virus infectivity in environmental and food applications; a systematic review
Capsid integrity quantitative PCR (qPCR), a molecular detection method for infectious viruses combining azo dye pretreatment with qPCR, has been widely used in recent years; however, variations inExpand
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Preparation of magnetic ion imprinted polymer with waste beer yeast as functional monomer for Cd( ii ) adsorption and detection
In this work, a magnetic ion imprinted polymer (MIIP) with specific recognition capability toward cadmium was prepared by a sol–gel method using waste beer yeast, which is a macromolecule biomass, asExpand
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Facile synthesis and electrochemical properties of Fe3O4 hexahedra for Li-ion battery anode
Abstract Hexahedral and octahedral magnetite (Fe 3 O 4 ) samples have been successfully synthesized with a facile hydrothermal technique without any surfactants or templates. The electrochemicalExpand
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Enhancement of photo-Fenton catalytic activity with the assistance of oxalic acid on the kaolin–FeOOH system for the degradation of organic dyes
The Fenton reaction, as an important member of the advanced oxidation processes (AOPs), has gained extensive attention in recent years. However, the practical applications of the traditional FentonExpand
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