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A simple procedure for estimating the false discovery rate
MOTIVATION The most used criterion in microarray data analysis is nowadays the false discovery rate (FDR). Expand
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Antioxidant Status of Neonates Exposed in utero to Tobacco Smoke
To investigate the influence of maternal smoke exposure on neonatal and maternal antioxidant status, 39 mothers who were active smokers, 14 mothers exposed to environmental tobacco smoke (ETS), 17Expand
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A mixture model-based strategy for selecting sets of genes in multiclass response microarray experiments
MOTIVATION Multiclass response (MCR) experiments are those in which there are more than two classes to be compared. Expand
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Carbonic anhydrase and oligodendroglia in developing rat cerebellum: a biochemical and imunohistological study.
Abstract In the cerebellum, the isoenzyme II of carbonic anhydrase (CAII) appears to be a specific oligodendrocyte marker. Formation and maturation of oligodendrocytes during the postnatalExpand
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Effects of abnormal thyroid state and undernutrition on carbonic anhydrase and oligodendroglia development in the rat cerebellum.
The developmental pattern of the isoenzyme II of carbonic anhydrase (CAII; EC, a specific marker for oligodendroglia, was studied in the cerebella of thyroid-deficient, thyroxine-treated and
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Image analysis for histochemical study of glucose-6-phosphatase inactivation by diethyl pyrocarbonate in normal human liver.
Glucose-6-phosphatase (G6Pase) is a multicomponent system that catalyzes G6P hydrolysis. To determine the specificity of the histochemical reaction of G6Pase, we investigated the inhibitory effect ofExpand
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False Discovery Rate (FDR)
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Bilirubin displacement by ceftriaxone in neonates: evaluation by determination of 'free' bilirubin and erythrocyte-bound bilirubin.
Determination of 'free' bilirubin, erythrocyte-bound bilirubin and unconjugated bilirubin was used to test the effects of ceftriaxone on the binding of bilirubin to albumin. This study, performed onExpand
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Genomic aberrations associated with outcome in anaplastic oligodendroglial tumors treated within the EORTC phase III trial 26951
Despite similar morphological aspects, anaplastic oligodendroglial tumors (AOTs) form a heterogeneous clinical subgroup of gliomas. The chromosome arms 1p/19q codeletion has been shown to be aExpand
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[Acquired von Willebrand's disease, cryoglobulinemia and pseudoanalbuminemia in monoclonal dysglobulinemia].
The authors report an exceptional case of complex monoclonal dysglobulinaemia characterized by cryoglobulinaemia, pseudoanalbuminaemia and acquired type 1 Von Willebrand's disease. All theseExpand
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