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Light calibration and quality assessment methods for Reflectance Transformation Imaging applied to artworks' analysis
In this paper we analyze some problems related to the acquisition of multiple illumination images for Polynomial Texture Maps (PTM) or generic Reflectance Transform Imaging (RTI). We show thatExpand
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Multispectral RTI Analysis of Heterogeneous Artworks
We propose a novel multi-spectral reflectance transformation imaging (MS-RTI) framework for the acquisition and direct analysis of the reflectance behavior of heterogeneous artworks, applying scattered data interpolation based on Radial Basis Functions to estimate per-pixel reflectance. Expand
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Scanning multispectral IR reflectography SMIRR: an advanced tool for art diagnostics.
Spectral imaging technology, widely used in remote sensing applications, such as satellite or radar imaging, has recently gained importance in the field of artwork conservation. In particular,Expand
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Monte Carlo modelling of a voxel head phantom for in vivo measurement of bone-seeker nuclides.
An advanced modelling technique based on a VOXEL approach for the calibration of whole-body WBCs . Expand
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A novel framework for highlight reflectance transformation imaging
We propose a novel pipeline and related software tools for processing multi-light image collections (MLICs) acquired in different application contexts to obtain shape and appearance information of captured surfaces, as well as to derive compact relightable representations of them. Expand
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A Practical Reflectance Transformation Imaging Pipeline for Surface Characterization in Cultural Heritage
We present a practical acquisition and processing pipeline to characterize the surface structure of cultural heritage objects using a free-form Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI) approach. Expand
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Multispectral infrared reflectography to differentiate features in paintings.
  • C. Daffara, R. Fontana
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  • 23 September 2011
Infrared reflectography is a well-known technique based on wideband imaging in the near-infrared (NIR) range used for painting diagnostics in conservation laboratories.. This work is focused on theExpand
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Developing Voxel Anthropomorphic Models Based on Ct Images for Dosimetric Applications
Il presente Rapporto presenta lo sviluppo di un modello voxel elaborato da dati TAC di un fantoccio plastico cranico adatto per studi dosimetrici. Una serie di algoritmi sono stati impiegati perExpand
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Optical micro-profilometry for archaeology
A quantitative morphological analysis of archaeological objects represents an important element for historical evaluations, artistic studies and conservation projects. At present, a variety ofExpand
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