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Fish: Serologic Evidence of Infection with Human Pathogens
Specific antibodies to several bacteria pathogenic to humans were detected in the serums of white perch from surface waters adjacent to heavily populated areas on Chesapeake Bay. White perch fromExpand
Notes on Associations Between Hyperiid Amphipods and Medusae in Chesapeake and Narragansett Bays and the Niantic River
Two living specimens ofHyperia galba were observed to hold on and move in an inverted position while attached to the scyphozoan medusa,Cyanea capillata. The mouthparts face away from the substrateExpand
Wetland Values: Concepts and Methods for Wetlands Evaluation.
Abstract : This report presents concepts and methods for the evaluation of wetlands pursuant to Section 404, PL 92-500 (as amended), President Carter's May 24, 1977 Executive Order on wetlandsExpand
Measuring the repair of H2O2-induced DNA single strand breaks using the single cell gel assay.
The single cell gel (SCG) assay is for the detection of DNA single strand breaks and alkali labile sites in single cells. This investigation showed how the technique had an effective application inExpand
Summer food and growth of chain pickerel,Esox niger, in brackish waters of the Severn River, Maryland
Food habits and time of feeding were determined for 220 chain pickerel collected from a tributary of Chesapeake Bay in five 24-hour sampling periods during June, July and August, 1958. Of the fishExpand
Statement of concerns and suggested ecological research
The report presents a statement of concerns and suggested research by the Lake Michigan Cooling Water Studies Panel. The intent of the statement is to assist the development of investigations of theExpand