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On the convergence of certain Gauss-type quadrature formulas for unbounded intervals
It is proved that under certain Carleman-type conditions for the weight and when p( n) or q(n) goes to oo, then convergence holds for all functions f for which fw is integrable on [0, ∞).
Strong Stieltjes distributions and orthogonal Laurent polynomials with applications to quadratures and Padé approximation
Starting from a strong Stieltjes distribution Φ, general sequences of orthogonal Laurent polynomials are introduced and sonic of their most relevant algebraic properties are studied. From this
Orthogonal Laurent polynomials and quadrature formulas for unbounded intervals: I. Gauss-type formulas
We study the convergence of quadrature formulas for integrals over the positive real line with an arbitrary distribution function. The nodes of the quadrature formulas are the zeros of orthogonal