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Drug combinations as effective anti-leishmanials against drug resistant Leishmania mexicana.
Results show that combination therapy can negate induced drug resistance in L. mexicana and that the use of this type of screening system could accelerate the development of drug combinations for clinical use.
Antitumor activity of fungal metabolites: verrucarin beta-9, 10-epoxides.
Verrucarins A (4) and B (5) and verrucarin A acetate, in vivo antileukemic inactive fungal metabolites, have been oxidized with m-chloroperoxybenzoic acid to give verrucarin beta-9,10-epoxides which
Modified Peptidoglycan Transpeptidase Activity ina Carbenicillin-Resistant
Investigation of the carbenicillin-resistant mutant was investigated further, with particular reference to peptidoglycan transpeptidase activity, to see ifange inthesensitivity of thetarget enzyme(s) could beassociated withthe carbeniillin resistance.