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Chiropractic Treatment as a Primary Care Intervention for Better Musculoskeletal Health in the Aging Population in the United Kingdom: An Opinion and Positioning Paper
This paper aims to outline how chiropractic intervention and maintenance programs can play a pivotal role in the health promotion and continued musculoskeletal functioning of the elderly population.
Novel inhibitors of prolyl 4-hydroxylase. 3. Inhibition by the substrate analogue N-oxaloglycine and its derivatives.
A study of the structure-activity relationships of some other oxalo derivatives shows that substitution on the glycine moiety modulates activity stereoselectively and that if the omega-carboxylate is homologated or replaced by either acylsulfonamides or anilide, then activity is sharply reduced.
Stress in chiropractic education: a student survey of a five-year course.
Students in their fourth year consistently reported the highest perceived levels of stress, with 81% feeling that their ability to study was affected by their financial situation and 56% felt overwhelmed at their able to cope with their college workload.
Public health engagement: detection of suspicious skin lesions, screening and referral behaviour of UK based chiropractors
Nearly all respondents agreed that screening patients for suspicious skin lesions was part of their clinical role, with a significant number already referring patients with lesions.
Assay of prolyl 4-hydroxylase by the chromatographic determination of [14C]succinic acid on ion-exchange minicolumns.
The authors' experience indicates that the measurement of prolyl 4-hydroxylase by the production of succinic acid is especially suited to investigations involving large numbers of assays.
Inhibition of prolyl 4-hydroxylase by hydroxyanthraquinones.
The results suggest that THA inhibited prolyl 4-hydroxylase by binding to the enzyme at the site for 2-oxoglutarate possibly involving the Fe2+ atom, rather than by complexing with Fe 2+ in free solution.