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Aspects of logophoric marking
Les pronoms logophoriques font reference a la personne dont les mots, les pensees, la connaissance ou les emotions sont reportes dans une extension du discours, le domaine logophorique. Les languesExpand
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The Complexity of the Vocabulary of Bambara
  • C. Culy
  • Computer Science
  • 1 August 1985
In this paper I look at the possibility of considering the vocabulary of a natural language as a sort of language, and show that the vocabulary is not context free. Expand
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Logophoric pronouns and point of view
Logophoric pronouns are pronouns used to refer to the person whose words, thoughts, or emotions are being represented. In addition to reflexives that can be used logophorically (indirect reflexives),Expand
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The syntax and semantics of internally headed relative clauses
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Sentential Structure and Discourse Parsing
In this paper, we describe how the LIDAS System (Linguistic Discourse Analysis System) uses information from sentential syntax and semantics along with lexical semantic information to build the Open Right Discourse Parse Tree (DPT) that serves as a representation of the structure of the discourse. Expand
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The Limits of N-Gram Translation Evaluation Metrics
N-gram measures of translation quality, such as BLEU and the related NIST, are becoming increasingly important in machine translation, yet their behaviors are not fully understood. Expand
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A note on logophoricity in Dogon
Logophoric pronouns which refer to the person whose words, thoughts, or state of mind are being reported, have been much discussed in the recent literature. In this paper the A. intends to extend theExpand
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Dogon pronominal systems: their nature and evolution
The Dogon language family has received little attention in the linguistics literature to date. In this paper we examine the binding properties of the pronominal systems of three Dogon languages,Expand
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Formal properties of natural language and linguistic theories
En utilisant les universaux des langues naturelles pour prouver leurs proprietes formelles, l'A. Expand
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