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Development of Yondelis (trabectedin, ET-743). A semisynthetic process solves the supply problem.
Ecteinascidins are marine natural products consisting of two or three linked tetrahydroisoquinoline subunits and an active carbinolamine functional group. Their potent antiproliferative activityExpand
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Batzelladine alkaloids from the caribbean sponge Monanchora unguifera and the significant activities against HIV-1 and AIDS opportunistic infectious pathogens
Abstract Five new polycyclic guanidine alkaloids, 16β-hydroxycrambescidin 359 (1), batzelladines K, L, M, and N (2–5), along with the previously reported ptilomycalin A (6), crambescidine 800 (7),Expand
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PM100117 and PM100118, new antitumor macrolides produced by a marine Streptomyces caniferus GUA-06-05-006A
Two new bioactive polyhydroxyl macrolide lactones PM100117 (1) and PM100118 (2) were isolated from the culture broth of the marine-derived Streptomyces caniferus GUA-06-05-006A. Their structures wereExpand
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Aplicyanins A–F, new cytotoxic bromoindole derivatives from the marine tunicate Aplidium cyaneum
Abstract Six new bromoindole derivatives, aplicyanins A–F ( 1 – 6 ), have been isolated from the CH 2 Cl 2 /MeOH extract of the tunicate Aplidium cyaneum collected in Antarctica. Their structuresExpand
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Diazonamides C–E, new cytotoxic metabolites from the ascidian Diazona sp.
Abstract Three new macrocyclic peptides, diazonamides C–E ( 1 – 3 ), were isolated together with the previously reported diazonamides A ( 4 ) and B ( 5 ) from samples of the marine ascidian DiazonaExpand
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Total synthesis and antiproliferative activity screening of (+/-)-aplicyanins A, B and E and related analogues.
The first total synthesis of the indole alkaloids (+/-)-aplicyanins A, B, and E, plus 17 analogues, all in racemic form, is reported. Modifications to the parent compound included changing the numberExpand
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Isolation and First Total Synthesis of PM050489 and PM060184, Two New Marine Anticancer Compounds.
The first isolation, structural elucidation and total synthesis of two totally new polyketides (I) isolated from the Madagascan sponge Lithoplocamia lithistoides are described.
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Topoisomerase I-mediated DNA cleavage as a guide to the development of antitumor agents derived from the marine alkaloid lamellarin D: triester derivatives incorporating amino acid residues.
The marine alkaloid lamellarin D (LAM-D) has been recently characterized as a potent poison of human topoisomerase I endowed with remarkable cytotoxic activities against tumor cells. We report hereExpand
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Modification at the C9 position of the marine natural product isoaaptamine and the impact on HIV-1, mycobacterial, and tumor cell activity.
As part of an investigation to generate optimized drug leads from marine natural pharmacophores for the treatment of neoplastic and infectious diseases, a series of novel isoaaptamine analogs wereExpand
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