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Conjunctival proinflammatory and proapoptotic effects of latanoprost and preserved and unpreserved timolol: an ex vivo and in vitro study.
PURPOSE To compare the toxicity of latanoprost and preserved and unpreserved timolol on conjunctival cells. Expression of inflammatory markers and MUC5AC-related mucin production were evaluated byExpand
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Differences in meibomian fatty acid composition in patients with meibomian gland dysfunction and aqueous-deficient dry eye
Aims: To evaluate the differences in meibomian fatty acid composition in healthy subjects and in patients suffering from meibomian gland dysfunction or aqueous-deficient dry eye. Methods: WeExpand
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Effects of oxysterols on cell viability, inflammatory cytokines, VEGF, and reactive oxygen species production on human retinal cells: cytoprotective effects and prevention of VEGF secretion by
Background and aimsOxysterols are assumed to play important roles in age-related macular degeneration, a major cause of blindness. So we characterized the cytotoxic, oxidative, inflammatory, andExpand
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Falsely elevated intraocular pressure due to increased central corneal thickness
Abstract · Purpose: To evaluate whether ocular hypertensive subjects have a higher central corneal thickness than other individuals. · Methods: In this prospective study, 48 subjects with ocularExpand
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Cholesterol-24S-hydroxylase (CYP46A1) Is Specifically Expressed in Neurons of the Neural Retina
Increasing biological findings argue for the importance of cholesterol-24S-hydroxylase (CYP46A1) in cholesterol homeostasis in cerebral structures. Based on the similarity between the brain and theExpand
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Corneal Endothelial Cell Changes After Trabeculectomy and Deep Sclerectomy
Purpose To compare the effect of trabeculectomy and deep sclerectomy on the corneal endothelium. Methods This prospective comparative study investigated 62 eyes of 62 patients scheduled for a singleExpand
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A randomized controlled trial of alleviated positioning after small macular hole surgery.
OBJECTIVE To establish whether the success rate of surgery for small idiopathic macular holes (diameter, ≤ 400 μm) is significantly reduced if facedown positioning is replaced by simply taking careExpand
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Evolving European guidance on the medical management of neovascular age related macular degeneration
Background: Until recently, only two options were available for the treatment of choroidal neovascularisation (CNV) associated with age related macular degeneration (AMD)—thermal laserExpand
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Comparison of face-down and seated position after idiopathic macular hole surgery: a randomized clinical trial.
PURPOSE To compare two therapeutic modalities on anatomic and functional results after idiopathic macular hole (MH) surgery: seated vs face-down position. DESIGN Multicenter, prospective,Expand
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