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Detection of the Free Neutrino: a Confirmation.
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Detection of the free neutrino
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The antineutrino absorption reaction p( nu -bar, beta /sup +/)n was observed in two 200-liter water targets each placed between large liquid scintillation detectors and located near a powerfulExpand
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On the Detection of the Free Neutrino
The experiment previously proposed [to Detect the Free Neutrino] has been initiated, with a Hanford pile as a neutrino source. It appears probable that neutrino detection has been accomplished, andExpand
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Free Antineutrino Absorption Cross Section. I. Measurement of the Free Antineutrino Absorption Cross Section by Protons
The cross section for the reaction p( nu , beta /sup +/)n was measured using antineutrinos ( nu -bar) from a powerful fission reactor at the Savannah River Plant of the United States Atomic EnergyExpand
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The Neutrino
In the 1920s, physicists were confused: the phenomenon of β decay (in which an electron is emitted from the atomic nucleus) seemed to violate conservation laws. The energy spectrum of the electrons,Expand
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Periodic Clustering of Red-shifts in the Spectra of Quasi-stellar and other Unusual Objects
Analysis of 178 z-values yields a strongly periodic system containing, among others, the period 1/6 and 1/16.
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Liquid Scintillators for Free Neutrino Detection
The criteria by which liquid scintillators have been selected and developed for free neutrino detection experiments are described and a discussion is given of the preparation of the solutions.Expand
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