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Endocrine disruptors in the Leça River and nearby Porto Coast (NW Portugal): presence of estrogenic compounds and hypoxic conditions
The Leça River and two beaches close to the north and south margins of the estuary, nowadays an important seaport harbor, show signs of contamination. However, the chemical nature of thatExpand
Application of lactate amperometric sol-gel biosensor to sequential injection determination of L-lactate.
The construction and evaluation of lactate sol-gel biosensors to accomplish the determination of lactATE in pharmaceutical products and the analytical usefulness of the developed biosensor was evaluated through analysis of commercial pharmaceutical products containing lactate. Expand
Sequential injection analysis of chloride and nitrate in waters with improved accuracy using potentiometric detection.
The proposed methodology yielded values with a relative root mean square error of prediction (RRMSEP) of prediction of 2.8%, while for standard addition calibration, mean error values were approximately 12.1%. Expand
Amperometric biosensor based on monoamine oxidase (MAO) immobilized in sol-gel film for benzydamine determination in pharmaceuticals.
The analytical usefulness of the proposed procedure was evaluated through analysis of commercial pharmaceutical products containing benzydamine, available on the Portuguese market, and did not differ significantly from the values resulting from analysis of the same products by the method described in the BP Pharmacopoeia. Expand
Increased Sensitivity Potentiometric Detectors for FIA.
This paper describes the development of potentiometric detection systems with increased sensitivity for flow injection analysis (FIA). The detection systems are based on homogeneous crystallineExpand
An Automated Multi-Pumping Pulsed Flow System with Spectrophotometric Detection for the Determination of Phosphate in Natural Waters
In this work, an automated multipumping pulsed flow system was implemented for the determination of phosphate in natural waters. The developed flow approach was based on the spectrophotometricExpand
Potentiometric behaviour of ion selective electrodes based on iron porphyrins: the influence of porphyrin substituents on the response properties and analytical determination of diclofenac in
The potentiometric analysis of sodium diclofenac in pharmaceutical formulations was carried out by direct potentiometry and the obtained results were compared to those provided by HPLC, presenting relative errors inferior to 1.0%. Expand
Ion selective electrodes for penicillin-G based on Mn(III)TPP-Cl and their application in pharmaceutical formulations control by sequential injection analysis.
The work describes the construction, evaluation and analytical application of ion selective electrodes sensitive to penicillin-G antibiotics for pharmaceutical products analysis and the results obtained were compared with those provided by the HPLC reference method. Expand
Application of amperometric sol-gel biosensor to flow injection determination of glucose.
The results obtained for the analysis of electrolytic solution for iv administration and human serum samples showed good agreement between the proposed method and the reference procedure, with relative error <5%. Expand
Tetracycline, oxytetracycline and chlortetracycline determination by flow injection potentiometry.
The present system allows tetracyclines determinations within a 48.1-4.8 x 10(3) ppm for TCH, 49.9-5.1 x 10 (3)ppm for OTCH and 51.5- 5.4% for the three TC species. Expand