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Systemic mastocytosis in 16 dogs.
The clinical and pathologic features of systemic mastocytosis in 16 dogs are reported. There was no apparent breed or sex predilection, and the median age at presentation was 9.5 years. In 14 of 16Expand
Central nervous system lymphosarcoma in the dog.
Central nervous system lymphosarcoma was diagnosed in 8 dogs with seizures and clinical signs compatible with multifocal central nervous system involvement. Cerebrospinal fluid analysis showed highExpand
Thromboelastographic tracings in retired racing greyhounds and in non-greyhound dogs.
BACKGROUND Bleeding disorders in patients with normal coagulation test results are frequently reported in Greyhounds. The purpose of this study was to compare Greyhounds to non-Greyhounds byExpand
Cutaneous hemangiosarcoma in 25 dogs: a retrospective study.
Hemangiosarcomas confined to the skin and underlying muscle were surgically excised in 25 dogs. Tumors were staged based on their histological location (ie, dermal, hypodermal, and deep). DermalExpand
Clinical pathology of Greyhounds and other sighthounds.
Owing to the development of Greyhounds as racing sighthounds, these dogs have acquired unique physiologic adaptations that distinguish them from other breeds. Reference intervals for many analytes inExpand
Overexpression of p53 tumor suppressor protein in spontaneously arising neoplasms of dogs.
OBJECTIVE To determine prevalence of p53 tumor suppressor protein overexpression in spontaneously arising tumors of dogs, using the CM-1 polyclonal antibody and immunohistochemical methods. DESIGNExpand
Vertebral heart size in retired racing Greyhounds.
The vertebral heart size (VHS) is used to objectively assess cardiac dimensions on thoracic radiographs. A high VHS suggest the presence of cardiac pathology, such as dilated cardiomyopathy,Expand
Anticoagulant rodenticide toxicity in 21 dogs.
Twenty-three episodes of anticoagulant rodenticide toxicity were found in 21 dogs during a retrospective study conducted at The Ohio State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Dyspnea (57%),Expand
Cisplatin and doxorubicin combination chemotherapy for the treatment of canine osteosarcoma: a pilot study.
Sixteen dogs with histologically confirmed appendicular osteosarcoma were treated by amputation followed by cisplatin and doxorubicin chemotherapy. All dogs began chemotherapy within 24 hours ofExpand
Prevalence of dog erythrocyte antigens in retired racing Greyhounds.
BACKGROUND Blood groups in dogs are designated as dog erythrocyte antigen (DEA) 1.1, 1.2, 3, 4, 5, 7, and Dal. There is limited information about the frequency of different antigens in GreyhoundExpand