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Diffusion‐weighted magnetic resonance imaging for residual and recurrent cholesteatoma: a systematic review and meta‐analysis
Diagnosis and management of recurrent or residual cholesteatoma can be problematic. Diffusion‐weighted imaging magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) sequences have been used for follow‐up of such lesions.Expand
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ENT challenges at the small scale
In this paper we consider two relatively frequently performed operations in the field of ear, nose and throat (ENT) surgery and consider how they could be improved by using robotic applications. WeExpand
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An autonomous surgical robot for drilling a cochleostomy: preliminary porcine trial
Objective:  To produce an autonomous drilling robot capable of performing a bony cochleostomy whilst minimising the damage to the underlying cochlear endosteum.
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Litigation trends and costs in otorhinolaryngology.
BACKGROUND Litigation in surgery is increasing and liabilities are becoming unsustainable. This study aimed to analyse trends in claims, and identify areas for potential risk reduction, improvedExpand
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A smart micro-drill for cochleostomy formation: A comparison of cochlear disturbances with manual drilling and a human trial
Abstract Background Cochleostomy formation is a key stage of the cochlear implantation procedure. Minimizing the trauma sustained by the cochlea during this step is thought to be a critical featureExpand
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Initial experience of a rapid-insertion bone-anchored hearing system: series of 20 consecutive implants.
Objective: The loading of bone-anchored hearing system sound processors usually occurs two to three months after surgical implant. This study examined a new bone-anchored hearing system couplingExpand
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Mechatronic hand-held surgical robots
This paper describes the considerations leading to a hand-held surgical robot for micro-drilling. Expand
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The effect of supporting a surgeon's wrist on their hand tremor
Background. Operative tremor can greatly influence the outcome of certain, precise, microsurgical operations. Reducing a surgeons tremor may not only improve the operative results but decrease theExpand
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Endoscopic ear surgery: a hot topic?
OBJECTIVES To summarise published research investigating maximal temperatures associated with endoscopes used in otology. Possible thermal issues surrounding the use of endoscopes in middle-earExpand
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The effect of operating time on surgeons' muscular fatigue.
INTRODUCTION A study was completed to determine if operating has an effect on a surgeon's muscular fatigue. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Six head and neck surgery consultants, two ENT registrars, 20 normalExpand
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