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Structure and evolution of the Himalaya–Tibet orogenic belt
The 1981 French–Chinese expedition to Tibet focused on the Lhasa block, extending earlier coverage 400 km north of the Tsangpo suture. The Lhasa block stood between 10 and 15° N latitude over most ofExpand
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Mesozoic and cenozoic volcanic rocks from central and southern Tibet:39Ar-40Ar dating, petrological characteristics and geodynamical significance
Field relations, radiometric ages and mineralogical and chemical characteristics of the orogenic volcanic rocks from the Lhasa block (Tibet) are studied. Volcanic activity started before theExpand
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Isotopic and trace element signatures of Ethiopian flood basalts: evidence for plume–lithosphere interactions
Abstract Trace element and radiogenic isotope data have been measured on Oligocene flood basalts from the northwestern Ethiopian plateau. Our aim was to investigate and identify the nature of mantleExpand
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Temporal evolution of mantle sources during continental rifting: The volcanism of Djibouti (Afar)
Magmatism occurred almost continuously over the past 25 m.y. in the Republic of Djibouti. Lavas are mainly basic to intermediate with some rhyolites. Large chemical and isotopic variations among theExpand
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Post-collisional transition from calc-alkaline to alkaline volcanism during the Neogene in Oranie (Algeria): magmatic expression of a slab breakoff
Abstract During the Neogene, a magmatic change from calc-alkaline to alkaline types occurred in all the regions surrounding the western Mediterranean. This change has been studied in Oranie (westernExpand
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The Guerrero suspect terrane (western Mexico) and coeval arc terranes (the Greater Antilles and the Western Cordillera of Colombia): a late Mesozoic intra-oceanic arc accreted to cratonal America
The Guerrero suspect terrane, composed of Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous sequences, extends from Baja California to Acapulco and is considered to be coeval with the late Mesozoic igneous andExpand
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A crustal section of an intra-oceanic island arc: The Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous Guanajuato magmatic sequence, central Mexico
Abstract The Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous Alisitos-Teloloapan intra-oceanic arc, which extends along the Pacific coast of Mexico, is overlain by the extensive thick calc-alkaline Tertiary volcanicsExpand
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Post-collisional Neogene magmatism of the Mediterranean Maghreb margin: a consequence of slab breakoff
Abstract A 1 200 km-long linear magmatic belt extends along the Mediterranean coast of the Maghreb from Eastern Tunisia to Morocco. This belt is mainly composed of Langhian calc-alkaline metaluminousExpand
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40Ar/39Ar chronology, petrology and geodynamic setting of Mesozoic to early Cenozoic magmatism from the Benue Trough, Nigeria
The Benue Trough is a continental-scale intraplate tectonic megastructure which is part of Mid-African Rift System. This rift, initiated in the latest Jurassic, was related to the opening of theExpand
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Volcaniclastic Sequences With Continental Affinities Within the Late Jurassic‐Early Cretaceous Guerrero Intra‐Oceanic Arc Terrane (Western Mexico)
The Guerrero terrane in western Mexico consists of upper Jurassic‐lower Cretaceous volcano‐plutonic and volcano‐sedimentary arc sequences developed in an intra‐oceanic setting and accreted to NorthExpand
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