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Probabilistic Forecasting and Bayesian Data Assimilation
This book is an ideal introduction for graduate students in applied mathematics, computer science, engineering, geoscience and other emerging application areas with a general dynamical systems approach.
Diffeomorphic 3D Image Registration via Geodesic Shooting Using an Efficient Adjoint Calculation
The key contribution of this work is to provide an accurate estimation of the so-called initial momentum, which is a scalar function encoding the optimal deformation between two images through the Hamiltonian equations of geodesics.
A Framework for Mimetic Discretization of the Rotating Shallow-Water Equations on Arbitrary Polygonal Grids
The present work extends the TRiSK scheme into a more general framework suitable for grids that have a nonorthogonal dual, such as the equiangular cubed sphere, and shows that this framework fits within the wider framework of mimetic discretizations and discrete exterior calculus.
Computational Modes and Grid Imprinting on Five Quasi-Uniform Spherical C Grids
AbstractCurrently, most operational forecasting models use latitude–longitude grids, whose convergence of meridians toward the poles limits parallel scaling. Quasi-uniform grids might avoid this
Automated Generation and Symbolic Manipulation of Tensor Product Finite Elements
A symbolic algebra for scalar and vector-valued finite elements is described and implemented, enabling the computer generation of elements with tensor product structure on quadrilateral, hexahedral and triangular prismatic cells, as an extension to the domain-specific language UFL, the Unified Form Language.
Encapsulated formulation of the selective frequency damping method
We present an alternative “encapsulated” formulation of the selective frequency damping method for finding unstable equilibria of dynamical systems, which is particularly useful when analysing the