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Coleoptera Larval Fauna Associated with Termite Nests (Isoptera) with Emphasis on the “Bioluminescent Termite Nests” from Central Brazil
Beetle larvae that inhabit termite nests present modifications that allow them to cohabitate with the termites. Some are physogastric and bear special glands and different setae all over theirExpand
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Stochastic Streamflow Models for Hydroelectric Systems
This paper describes the development of a monthly streamflow model for the Brazilian hydroelectric system. The model is based on the disaggregation of lag 1 autoregressive annual flows into monthlyExpand
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Estudio de la toxicidad/patogenicidad aguda pulmonar en ratas tratadas con Metarhizium anisopliae
Metarhizium anisopliae es un plaguicida microbiano y se clasifica como un hongo de la familia Moniliaceae . Este microorganismo ejerce un control efectivo sobre coleopteros de las familias ElateridaeExpand
A description of the Larva of Metapteron xanthomelas (Lucas, 1857) from the Restinga Forest of Southeastern Brazil (Coleoptera: Lycidae, Calopterini).
The last instar larva of Metapteron xanthomelas (Lucas, 1857) is described. This is the first description of a larva for the genus. Two live larvae collected in the Brazilian Atlantic coast RestingaExpand
Description of a new genus and species of Cerophytidae (Coleoptera: Elateroidea) from Africa with a cladistic analysis of the family.
The family Cerophytidae is revised to include Afrocerophytum vix gen. nov. and sp. nov., from the tropical rainforest of western Africa. Afrocerophytum and A. vix (type locality: Ivory Coast, TaiExpand
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