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Relationship between shape and trophic ecology of selected species of Sparids of the Caprolace coastal lagoon (Central Tyrrhenian sea)
For the first time the relationship between shape and trophic ecology in sparids was studied in a quantitative way giving an ecomorphological meaning to the shape differences.
A Review on Agri-food Supply Chain Traceability by Means of RFID Technology
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a technology which provides appealing opportunities to improve the management of information flow within the supply chain and security in the agri-food
The New Seafloor Observatory (OBSEA) for Remote and Long-Term Coastal Ecosystem Monitoring
The recently installed low-cost, multiparametric, expandable, cabled coastal Seafloor Observatory (OBSEA), located 4 km off of Vilanova i la Gertrú, Barcelona, is directly connected to a ground station by a telecommunication cable; thus, it is not affected by the limitations associated with previous observation technologies.
Correspondence between shape and feeding habit changes throughout ontogeny of gilthead sea bream Sparus aurata L., 1758
It is shown that the growth profile of early stages is mainly determined by organogenesis of important apparati, whereas that of later stages seems optimized to improve feeding on hard prey in complex microhabitat and swimming abilities, and to reduce predation risk.
Shape Analysis of Agricultural Products: A Review of Recent Research Advances and Potential Application to Computer Vision
A new automated shape processing system which could be useful for both scientific and industrial purposes, forming the bases of a common language for the scientific community is proposed.
Use of volatile organic compounds and physicochemical parameters for monitoring the post-harvest ripening of imported tropical fruits
The trade of fresh fruits from tropical countries has steadily increased over the past decades, but limited familiarity of consumers with these products has limited their introduction in worldwide