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Effect of 14 days' subcutaneous administration of the human amylin analogue, pramlintide (AC137), on an intravenous insulin challenge and response to a standard liquid meal in patients with IDDM
SummaryIndividuals with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM or type 1 diabetes) are deficient in both insulin and amylin, peptides secreted by the beta cell. We have investigated the effects ofExpand
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An Independent Woman: The Life of Lou Henry Hoover, by Anne Besier Allen. Westport, CT: Greenwood P, 2000. Recovering the Black Female Body: Self‐Representations by African American Women, edited byExpand
Gandhi's Decisive South African 1913 Campaign: A Personal Perspective from the Letters of Betty Molteno
Abstract The account of Mohandas Gandhi's final battle with the South African government in late 1913 and early 1914 is widely known. This article juxtaposes this narrative with a personalExpand
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Christine Peters. Patterns of Piety: Women, Gender, and Religion in Late Medieval and Reformation England.Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2003.
Building upon Joan Kelly’s seminal question, “Did women have a Renaissance?” Christine Peters considers whether women in late medieval and early modern England had a reformation. What effect did theExpand
Frederico Garza Carvajal. Butterflies Will Burn: Prosecuting Sodomites in Early Modern Spain and Mexico. Austin: U of Texas P, 2003.
In his book, Butterflies Will Burn: Prosecuting Sodomites in Early Modern Spain and Mexico, Frederico Garza Carvajal examines the records of some 300 sodomy trials in both Spain and New SpainExpand