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Predictions for the rates of compact binary coalescences observable by ground-based gravitational-wave detectors
We present an up-to-date, comprehensive summary of the rates for all types of compact binary coalescence sources detectable by the initial and advanced versions of the ground-based gravitational-waveExpand
An upper limit on the stochastic gravitational-wave background of cosmological origin
A stochastic background of gravitational waves is expected to arise from a superposition of a large number of unresolved gravitational-wave sources of astrophysical and cosmological origin. It shouldExpand
Introduction to Santilli iso-numbers
Santilli iso-numbers, which are the mathematical basis of Hadronic Mechanics, are introduced and reviewed at a semi popular level.
Interferometric Detection of Gravitational Waves:. the Definitive Test for General Relativity
Even though Einstein's general relativity has achieved great success and passed a lot of experimental tests, it has also shown some shortcomings and flaws which today prompt theorists to ask if it isExpand
Introduction to Santilli iso-mathematics
Santilli iso-mathematics, which represents the mathematical framework of Hadronic Mechanics and Hadronic Chemistry, is introduced and reviewed at a semi-popular level for the participants to theExpand
Status of VIRGO
The Virgo detector has now finished its first science run; a science mode duty cycle of more than 80% and a 4.5 Mpc horizon distance for binary neutron star inspiral sources were achieved.Expand
Phenomenology of the Lense-Thirring effect in the solar system
Recent years have seen increasing efforts to directly measure some aspects of the general relativistic gravitomagnetic interaction in several astronomical scenarios in the solar system. After brieflyExpand
The Virgo status
We report on the status of the Virgo detector, under commissioning. We will focus on the last year's activity. The two commissioning runs performed during 2005 allowed us to reach a sensitivity of hExpand
Effective temperature for black holes
The physical interpretation of black hole’s quasinormal modes is fundamental for realizing unitary quantum gravity theory as black holes are considered theoretical laboratories for testing models ofExpand
Searches for gravitational waves from known pulsars with science run 5 LIGO data
We present a search for gravitational waves from 116 known millisecond and young pulsars using data from the fifth science run of the LIGO detectors. For this search ephemerides overlapping the runExpand