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Party Politics and Local Government
1. Introduction: Party politics: An unwelcome partisan presence or a democratic necessity? 2. Representation: The party or the people? 3. Local parties and local politics: A democratic necessity or aExpand
British Local Government: A Case for a New Constitutional Settlement
As a creature of Statue, British local government is subject to constant change emanating from a superior constitutional source: central government. Much of the change that is imposed upon localExpand
Multi-Party Politics in England: Small Parties, Independents, and Political Associations in English Local Politics
In England, the three main, national political parties (the Conservative and Labour Parties and the Liberal Democrats) dominate local and national political office. Yet, they face serious challengesExpand
Directly Elected Mayors: A Tonic for Local Governance or Old Wine in New Bottles?
The introduction of directly elected mayors into the landscape of English local politics has the potential to change the dynamics of local political leadership and the relationship between citizensExpand
More Similar Than They'd Like to Admit? Ideology, Policy and Populism in the Trajectories of the British National Party and Respect
In recent years, small political parties have considerably increased their representation in British political institutions, particularly, but not exclusively, in local government. UnderstandingExpand
Re-Engaging Citizens and Councils: The Importance of the Councillor to Enhanced Citizen Involvement
Abstract This article results from a number of research projects exploring councillor attitudes towards citizen participation and the role of the party group in local democracy. It considers how theExpand
Minor party and Independent politics beyond the mainstream: Fluctuating fortunes but a permanent presence.
The three main political parties which dominate British politics, at all levels, face a continuing challenge from smaller political parties and independent candidates. Such alternatives to the mainExpand
The Development of Overview and Scrutiny in Local Government
The party group : a barrier to democratic renewal.
  • C. Copus
  • Political Science
  • 1 December 1999