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Vibrational level population of H_2 and H2+ in the early Universe
We formulate vibrationally resolved kinetics for molecular hydrogen and its cation in the primordial universe chemistry. Formation, destruction, and relaxation processes for each vibrational levelExpand
Radiative cooling functions for primordial molecules
Cooling of primordial gas plays a crucial role in the birth of the first structures in our Universe. Due to the low fractional abundance of molecular species at high redshifts, spontaneous emissionExpand
An evaluation of the effect of the dissociative attachment of vibrationally excited H2 on primordial universe chemistry (Research Note)
Aims. We study the relevance of including vibrational levels of molecular hydrogen in one of the processes taking place in the primordial Universe: the dissociative attachment of H2. Methods. WeExpand
Complementarity between Quantum and Classical Mechanics in Chemical Modeling. The H + HeH+ → H2 + + He Reaction: A Rigourous Test for Reaction Dynamics Methods.
In this work we present a dynamical study of the H + HeH+ → H2+ + He reaction in a collision energy range from 0.1 meV to 10 eV, suitable to be used in applicative models. The paper extends andExpand
State-to-state vibrational kinetics of H$_2$ and H$_2^+$ in a post-shock cooling gas with primordial composition
The radiative cooling of shocked gas with primordial chemical composition is an important process relevant to the formation of the first stars and structures, as well as taking place also in highExpand
Role of the $\mathrm{H}_2^+$ channel in the primordial star formation under strong radiation field and the critical intensity for the supermassive star formation
We investigate the role of the H_2^+ channel on H_2 molecule formation during the collapse of primordial gas clouds immersed in strong radiation fields which are assumed to have the shape of aExpand
H2 and HD Direct Photodissociation in the Chemistry of the Primordial Universe
In this work, we calculate the thermal contribution to the rate coefficients for the processes of photodissociation of H2 and HD molecules. A comparison between direct and indirect rate coefficientsExpand
Temperature and density dependent cooling function for H 2 with updated H 2 /H collisional rates
The energy transfer among the components in a gas determines its fate. Especially at low temperatures, inelastic collisions drive the cooling and the heating mechanisms. In the early Universe as wellExpand
Non-equilibrium H2 Formation in the Early Universe: Energy Exchanges, Rate Coefficients, and Spectral Distortions
Energy exchange processes play a crucial role in the early universe, affecting the thermal balance and the dynamical evolution of the primordial gas. In the present work we focus on the consequencesExpand
Rotational Excitation of HD by Hydrogen Revisited.
The HD molecules are key species for the cooling of pristine gas at temperatures below 100 K. They are also known to be key tracers of H2 in protoplanetary disks and thus, they can be used as aExpand