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The Philosopher in Early Modern Europe: The Nature of a Contested Identity
This collection of essays provides access to key early modern disputes over what it meant to be a philosopher.
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Stability and Structure
Easily, almost naturally, we approach the political as a coherent purposive practice, or at least as a distinctive mode of patterned behaviour, in either case with theories inherent in or attachedExpand
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Argument and authority in early modern England : the presupposition of oaths and offices
Preface Introduction Part I. The Liquid Empire of Office: 1. An overview 2. Ceremonies of office: the kiss of the Tutti-Man 3. Institutionalised office: a sense of the scavenger 4. The vocabulary ofExpand
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Satire and definition
This paper explores some of the difficulties involved in defining satire. Neither the formal characteristics of satire nor its informing purposes, including its variable associations with humour andExpand
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Resistance and Rebellion
In the precarious world of political discourse, one of the few constants was the indefensible nature of rebellion and revolt. This had been so, even in the bustling world of Tuscan civic life inExpand
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Argument and Authority in Early Modern England
Conal Condren offers a radical reappraisal of the nature of moral and political theory in early modern England through an examination of widespread arguments about office. The vocabulary ofExpand
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Between Social Constraint and the Public Sphere: On Misreading Early-Modern Political Satire
The paper explores satire not as a literary genre but as an idiom of political and moral reflection discussing the extent to which contexts of relative constraint or freedom of expression areExpand
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Code Types: Functions and Failings and Organizational Diversity
Few of us now can avoid some exposure to codes of ethics and con duct; governments may require them of their own satellite organi zations; businesses find them increasingly desirable; professionalExpand
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Public, Private and the Idea of the ‘Public Sphere’ in Early–modern England
Taylor and Francis Ltd RIHR_A_372456.sgm 10.1080/17496970902722866 Inte lectual History Review 749-6977 p n /1749-6985 online Original Article 2 0rnational So ety for Intellectual History 9 0 0002009Expand
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